Monday, August 1, 2011

Props to Bloggers

No outfit post today.
Using this opportunity to thank a recent blog award, show my recent nail art, outfit of my friend which I helped style and do the Monday Mingle...

PinkMate from The Pink Mate Project blog has given me a 
'Sunshine Award' on July 20th.
 To see the award post click HERE!

I am to answer the following questions:
  1. Favorite color:   Pink
  2. Favorite animal: Dogs
  3. Favorite number: don't really have one.
  4. What perfume am I using right now? Juicy Couture (the first original scent)
  5. Something you always wear with you and identifies you: The very thin double chain gold necklace which was my grandmother's. You probably see it in my close-up photos. I never take it off.
  6. What’s your passion? Living life and enjoying the present.
  7. Getting or giving presents? both.
  8. What was the last eyeshadow you used? e.l.f.
  9.  Favorite day of the week: Saturday (my husband is not working and we always do something as a family)
  10.  Are your nails painted right now? Silver and dark dark navy blue. (see photos in this post)
And now some new(er) blogs I have started following that I would like to introduce to you and pass the award on...
With their very unique Edgy styles these two are worth visiting:

Great streetstyle:
Melina from Cupcakeolicious
Mommy Blogger from my very own city!:
Kate from Iris Inspired

Cool new International blogs I have found and started following:
From Turkey (my home country): Aysun of Aysstyle
From Norway: Karoline Kalvo
From Philippines: Ace Du Chua of Picturemelove

Cool Artistic photography:
2. Now onto my recent nail art project:
It has now become a tradition where my bf and I get together every other week or so to watch true blood and do our nails at the same time. Last night we tried something different.

Got the idea of this from Pretty Shiny Sparkly blog post called 'half moon nails'...
This is her nails:
Here is our attempts in following her directions:
 I applied the one of two metallic nail polish I already had at home...

This was the only stickers I could find that would help us do the job but they did not stick good...

I realized I covered too much of my nails with the stickers and this turned out more half and half then just the 'moon' part covered in metallic paint...

 These were my colors. The dark color is actually dark navy but looks black doesn't it?

And here is my friend's base color (purple metallic):

And dark green top coat:
 These were her colors:
At the end though she didn't like it and took it off and put a what she called 'happy' bright pink instead. 
We decided to try again when we buy the right stickers and possibly another metallic color.

3. My Friend's Outfit:
So remember when I mentioned my friend came over the other night with a black dress she bought for her 20th high school re-union and asked for some fashion advice as to how to accessorize. 
The good thing is we wear approximately the same shoe size, so I could give not just advice but also stuff from my own collections to barrow. I felt like I was running a department store having her try one pair of shoes after another. I knew right away that going black would be just too boring. She needed something that was going to pop and add interest. I was leaning towards bronze or purple or red. The purple heels were not really her style. The bronze ones felt too casual but the red ones look amazing.
We then added bunch of arm candy and finally a black and white clutch to add even more color and tie in her beautiful white MK watch to the mix.
Her photos do not have the best lighting but here is the end result:

Her Dress - White house black market
my Clutch - Guess
Arm Candy - some hers, some mine from Charlotte Russe and F21
Her watch - Michael Kors
my Red Stilettos - Stuart Weitzman
4. Monday Mingle
I am also participating in Monday Mingle, a fashion focused initiative that sprung from the minds of BonBon Rose Girls, and
Each week they’ll take turns hosting the linky and invite you to link up with any fashion related post that you would love to get some exposure!
BonBon Rose Girls is the linky host this week, so head on over to check out fabulous fashion themed posts!
........Well that is it as far as fashion stuff goes........
Today's Activities: Hosted the Monday play date today at our house. It is nice cause we don't have to rush to get out of the house but we do have to rush to get everything ready. So I had to cook and have all the food and house ready. The host provides snacks for kids and grown up and lunch for everyone. I actually cooked a pasta dish with salami and mozzarella I had copied from Jenny's Spry on the Wall blog. 
The recipe can be found in this link.
For the kids I also cooked mini tiny individual pizza's from Trader Joe's. As usual kids played for a long time at first then we had swimming then lunch then some more play time. It all usually ends by 1:30 PM. And the exhausted kids go down for nap/rest. In the afternoon my dad came over so I could finally go get a much needed pedicure.
Here are some photos from the afternoon pool/BBQ gathering we had yesterday (Sunday)...
Yes we seem to be hosting quite often these days...
 Kids' Table

Adults (yes, I am wearing something so stupid but I had to rush to put on something after the pool and before getting dinner ready for the little and big crowd)...

 Our two litte ones sharing a Popsicle and playing together... (they are 2.5 months apart)...




  1. Congrats on your award, well deserved! AND I think those lilac and gold nails are so cute. I always go with light nail polish so I can look more tan, I'd totally wear that. Your friend looks great too, nice post!


  2. hye i am so happy to read your award ,congratulation on ur award and i like ur family friends and their kids pic thay ar lovely .....

  3. thank you dearie! hooray to hot moms like you! :) your last photos were oozing! :) thank you for including me in the award. take care! mwah. :)

  4. love these half moon nails, really have to try it finally :)

  5. Hi there, great blog, can't wait to read more.

  6. Love your nails, so cool! Great job styling your friend, love the clutch, jewelry and pop of red from the shoes!! Thanks for the shout out - so glad you had a chance to make the recipe. We actually had it for dinner Sunday night!

  7. Awe, thanks for you super sweet comment! I'm following you now too dear!!

  8. lovely post
    congratulations for the award and i really like your lilac half moon nails

    style frontier


  9. I love this post and your blog so much.)) You have a talant *-)

    I need your help...
    A few days ago I got my Ipad. Do you have Ipad? What programs do advise to download?

  10. congrats on the award!!!! love your nails! mine are purple at the moment and they are actually getting longer (i used to bite them - bad habit)...the kids are too cute, playing around with the hula hoop!

    jos xx

  11. I love the two-tone nails...I'm totally trying that! Your friend looks amazing!

  12. Congrats on the award! This is such a great post. I love the lilac nails...very pretty

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  14. congrats on the awards and loving the nail polish. so cute and a lot of fun!

  15. Defne cim, cok hos olmus tirnaklarin, ne guzel uygulamissin. Arkadasininn elbisesi cok guzelmis ama senin kombininle daha da guzel olmus. Siyaha aksesuarlarla renk katmak kesinlikle cok iyi fikir.

  16. Congrats baby for your award and you deserved it. You even manage to inspire me most of the time:) Love your nails and Jill's outfit looks great. Th last picture is priceless. We got to play with the kids all day and it was a lot of fun and İ put Juliet to sleep with my old fashion method of on my legs with a pillow. She had no chance!!!

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  18. ive always wanted to tried the half moon nails you make them look so easy i must try them xx


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