Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet Rasberry

Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely Bee who you all know from the ridiculously popular blog 
 And just as I was going to her website to get her link I just saw her last two outfits and were instantly inspired again. I have saved so many of her outfits as inspirations.
 I realize this is more of a spring/fall outfit then a summer one but I know the infusion center we were going today for my dad would be chilly so it was fine.
 I used my safari shirt with the zip up sleeves as my vest. I didn't have a top with lace trimmed sleeves like hers so did this lace front blouse and the lace was peeking out in the front. The red patent belt I thrifted was perfect...
 The ikat designed scarf with the red and orange tones went nicely. I rolled and rolled and tucked to get this effect...

 My chain link watch and bracelet sets...

The raspberry mules that gets everyone's attention when I wear them. Especially my little girl loves the 'raspberries' and was wearing them today, hence I had to look all over the living room to find them before the photo shoot.

While I had the shoes wanted to show the pedicure I got with flower over the tangerine colored polish. And my silver/navy nails are still OK so far...

Blouse - Victoria's Secret
Vest - Eddie Bauer
Jeans - Citizens
Belt - Thrifted
Scarf - Forever 21
Watch - Ed Hardy
Bracelets - Ruche.com
Earrings - from Turkey
Shoes - Anthropology

Today's Activities: Did housework this morning before taking the kids to my mother's then leaving for my dad's Dr and infusion appointment. Afterwards I ran more errands (kid free) and then went to the gym (kid free) for my body pump class where I met my friend. She was able to get her husband to pick up her kids as well before our class. It was nice to finish the class and leisurely walk out and chat for a while then in a hurry dress 4 children and lug and drive them home. My husband had dinner with my parents and picked up the kids and put them to bed early. We have a big train and zoo in another town adventure tomorrow. Will be getting up early and leaving the house before 8 AM!


  1. saatli bilekligi cok sevdim, vintage havasi var ;) ayrica gözlüklerde sahane! Güzel bir kombin yapmissin!


  2. love both the inspiration look and your take on it! i like the idea of the khaki/safari vest + red belt...reminds me to find my red belt in the motherload!


  3. Güzel bir kombin olmu$ :) Fularini çok begendim, ayakkabilarinda çok tatli ^^

    Blogun çok keyifli ;)

    Kisses from France

  4. resimler harika!

  5. Such a cute look - those shoes are adorable!

  6. Really loving this look! I love that scarf!


  7. Awesome interpretation!! From the jewelry, the sunspecs, those awesomely cute shoes to that red patent belt!! Loving what you did with the nails too :)


  8. Love this! I especially like the way you tied the scarf and those shoes! So frickin cute!!

  9. I really love that outfit!! Those shoes are amazing!

  10. nice shoes ...................


  11. Love this look and all of the accessories! :)

  12. wow doll you look gorgeous and chic! Love the polishes!! Fab!! xo -Taj

  13. Love this outfit so chic and İ adore those shoes! The nails look scary all together but sweet separetly.


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