Sunday, July 31, 2011

Roof Top Dancing

 This was the outfit I finally settled on for going out last night to my old Nanny's b-day part at a roof top club.

 Dressing up was not stress free last night. This is why I have my outfit lists. I hate trying to come up with outfits under pressure. It really is not fun. We came so late from the pool b-day party last night and had so little time. The good thing my mom and step-dad had already arrived to pick us up so I had my mom's help. We laughed a lot because I kept putting on outfits that were so casual and appropriate for day time and my mom kept saying 'I read your blog you wear crazy stuff during the day and this is the time now you are picking casual stuff!' Anyway, she told me to stop trying on t-shirts for once.

Hence I found my ruffle halter top which I wore new year's eve with tuxedo pants. It looked fine over black shorts as well...

Then added my extereme platforms and achieved the 'all legs' look I wanted without the mini skirt...

 The last two times we went to a club I wore a mini skirt. I love wearing super mini's with platforms. BUT, I hate dancing in them. I am a decent dancer and like to dance freely. When in a skirt I tend to stay within a mini square space just moving as much as the skirt allows me. Now I have seen girls that dance anyway they want in the skirts but looks really tacky in my opinion. In my clubbing days we used to wear pants. These days you will rarely see a girl covering her legs. So my happy medium is 'shorts'.
 Shorts bare the legs but provide coverage to let you do whatever dance move you like! :)

My step dad took these photos before it got super crowded...He was playing with effects of flash vs. no flash...

 Since we were so late with me taking forever to get ready. I put on these accessories with minimal thought...

Halter top - Bebe
Shorts - Express
Platforms - Aldo
Purse and leather cuff - Forever 21
CZ large ring - gift from Mom from Turkey

We got ready in a fenzy as I indicated above upon our late return from the pool party. After putting the kids to bed and unloading wet towels and suits and greeting my Dad who came over to babysit, I discovered my husband was not feeling well and was showing signs of bailing out for the night. My mom and Step-dad had already arrived so I went solo with them.
We got the club early to avoid cover and very long lines and even managed to grab a seat at the only 'free' table by the fire!

 The roof top club had georgous views...

With my young and beautiful Mom:
(We are actually very close in height but discovered my platforms were much higher than her wedges!)
 I probably should note the b-day girl (and her sister) are Turkish. She was a nanny to my son for only a few months (my company closed the office) but continued to live with us and we became very close. She is dating one of my closest work colleagues. She is also close to my mom hence that is why we are all together!

Mom and Step Dad:

The Birthday Girl in a beautiful Max Studio one shoulder bronze knit dress:

Her sister who was wearing the most darling H&M pleated silk top over white capri's and nude heels:

 The Turkish Girls:

Dancing the night away:


  1. You and your friends look like you had so much fun and I like both you and your mom's platforms. You both look really pretty


  2. love the platforms on your shoes. i hate feeling restricted when dancing, too...i usually go for mini dresses, but not tight ones. love your mom's dress and the picture of the turkish girls!

  3. seems such a great night, especially the photo of you all dancing together!!
    love the way you narrate your days!!! it would be nice if only my dad took me some photos (lack of patience) like your step dad did!!!! love the shorts you're wearing and the high heels, which emphasize your nice legs. I also like the accessories especially the ring!!!

    jos xx

  4. harika olmuşsunnn,ne kadar fit görünüyorsun.bu arada ayakkabılarına da bayıldımmm:)

  5. I love this beautiful top, this outfit makes you long long legs !

  6. u look sexy babes!!!....
    and ur mum looks so young!!!
    great night !!! and the bday gal is also very nicely dressed!!!
    all in all, a rocker post!!!

  7. That is such a unique top! LOVE the ruffled detail and love those shoes! You guys look awesome and looks like a good time was had by all!

  8. Seems You spend such a great night!! You look great !! I love your shoes!!

  9. çok hoş görünüyorsun!!! ayakkabılara bayıldım. kesinlikle ben de istiyorum. amerikadan mı aldın?

  10. Woot woot for GNO! That top is amazing!

  11. That halter-top is a show-stopper. I'd do anything to wear one out. And the shorts make sense when you want to dance without restraint.

  12. you look GORGEOUS! :)
    great shorts, great legs, and your platforms are just amazing!


  13. You did look gorgeous that night babe. İ love to see you all dressed up and dance with you.and Neal. Wish Buket was there too. Seda and Sema looked both great also. That tuxedo top is really sexy. Finally you had a good choice for the evening:)


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