Thursday, September 29, 2011

Khaki Suit

 Well, making up for tomorrow's boring outfit today with this number! 
The inspiration to pair my khaki skirt and khaki jacket like a suit came from the Spiegel Ad online:

I decided to secure my scarf under the belt so it wouldn't get in the way. This belt was thick enough to hold everything in place all day long.
 Given the early hour and the eerie darkness I figured I was safe snapping photos in the outside area of my room...

 Got a lot of use from this scarf and jacket this week!

 Was not the smartest idea to sit on this dirty ground in the light colored skirt!

 The gradual build a tan moisturizer I packed and have been using everyday is totally paying off! I have a lot of tan for a person who never sees the sun or fresh air for 5 days straight! 
I usually use the drug store brand (jergens) but had a sampler size of Lancome 'Glow Sensuelle' and that is what I have been using for the last two weeks. It smells great! It is finished now though.
Khaki Jacket - Gap (thrifted)
Khaki Pencil Skirt - Bebe
Scarf - from Turkey
Belt - can't remember
Heels - Hype

So, today I wore the heels to work and it wasn't bad since now we are down to one meeting a day which still requires an equivalent of a 5 block walk each way but I could manage. Of course though when we left work there was downpour and thunderstorm warnings so heels were not the greatest for the parking lot but our time outside only lasts seconds so it doesn't matter.
My lonely life is about to end at least for 48 hours. I will get to see my family and hopefully tuck my kids in tomorrow night. Unfortunately though will be doing this for one more week as the client here begged I work more. Since we can't ask family for a 3rd week to help we made a deal with a preschool for kids to go for only one week without any annual registration fees. My mother in law took them there today so they can see the school and meet the teachers.
Today's skype was a bit emotional again. The kids were fighting (physically) over who gets to talk to me and my daughter being a 2 yr old threw herself down and started crying. I so wanted to reach over and hug her but I couldn't and that just about killed me. I wanted to talk to both of them so much. Thank God seeing I was now crying my hsuband and Dad (who was visiting) came to the rescue and distracted one kid while I talked to the other and they took turns. My daughter got a kick out of me showing her my umberella and singing a Turkish rain song (for my Turkish readers, you know the one: "Uskudara gider iken aldida bir yagmur....). She loved it so much that had me sing it 3 times! And let me tell you I am not known for my singing voice.
Oh, I can't wait to hug and kiss them millions of times tomorrrow.

Per her request while I was showing my daughter my room I decided to show you guys as well...
First though my nail color of the day: Bright Pink by China Glaze:

Posting away while doing nails!

In the absence of a DVR and a tv guide I am watching back to back episodes of NCIS and CSI...


  1. çok şık olmuşsun, ayakkabılar favorim oldu özellikle. Bu aradabir csi fan da benim :) sevgiler

  2. look at us wearing suits and all, lol! this is a nice neutral color, and the scarf fringies are so cute!

    i found some mold spots on my leather skirt. i was able to wipe it off and wear it. then weeks later i noticed the spots were back!

    have a great weekend with the kids!

  3. I love that you tied your scarf in your belt. It look so cute! I've never thought to do that, but I really like the way it looks. Thank you so much for your comment on my post--outfit posts sometimes get skimmed through to simply comment on clothes, but I appreciate you took the time to read my post.
    Oh my gosh, I'm glad I don't have to be away from my girlie yet. Actually, her first sleep over is tomorrow! ha! But it's only for a night. Skype must be hard. But you'll be home soon!

    I Can Be Many Things

  4. Love the way you belted that awesome scarf! You look great in your business suit :)

  5. So cute. Never can go wrong with khaki and black. Love the unexpected touch of brown.

  6. Defne' cim, bu kombinine bayildim ben. Kalem etek sana inanilmaz yakismiz, daha cok giymelisin bence. Bacaklarinin guzelligi ortaya cikmis, harika !

  7. Woow, Deniz çok haklı..Kalem etek, diz hizasında.. Mükemmel taşımışsın, çok beğendimm, çook zarif :)

  8. Yes, yes! Loving the poses, loving the suit. Workplace Bombshell!! Love the scarf tucked into the belt since it looks great and keeps it in place too!!

  9. hey daphne!

    i really like the dress you're wearing!!! the accessories you added make the outfit even more classy and stylish. love love love your hair!!!!

    i like the bedroom! the tv is huge!!!!!!

    happy weekend!

    jos xx

  10. you are looking nice in this outfit...and im totally digging the belt!!!
    I think i should get one wide belt too

  11. such a chic outfit!
    I love the belt and scarf in it, you look perfect!

    Wear A Smile!


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