Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missoni Stripes

 Today's outfit was inpsired by the lovely and amazing Bee from Atlantic Pacific. I truly enjoy looking at her blog like looking through a fashion magazine and enjoy the fame she is developing all over the fashion industry...

Her dress is genuine Missoni and mine so much reminds me of it. It is not even mine actually, but my mother's. 
I remembered the fit and length of this dress less tight and longer and felt it was a bit too short for workplace. The neckline was also quite low but the good thing is the fringe scarf covers all that so I was able to pull it down as much as possible.

 I would have never thought to pair this white and black but Bee's combination was very inspiring...
 I probably could have worn these heels but I plan to wear them on Thursday for sure so switched to flats instead today to ensure I keep my feet blister free until then.
 Here you can get a glimpse of my hotel room...

 I haven't shown this much leg in a while.
 If I was home I would have layered much more accessories but this was all I packed without trying the outfit on prior to packing.

Dress, Blazer - Forever 21
Scarf - gift from my Cousin from Turkey
Heels - Hype
Ring - H&M
Bracelets - made by my aunt and a cruise ship purchase

Another long almost 12 hour workday again today. I have promised myself to go to bed early so I can catch up. After work we decided to take a break from Mexican food and went to a steak restaurant instead but ordered it take-out. My first time getting steak as take-out! Enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar while waiting for the food which should help me get to sleep early tonight.
After a relaxing shower I have applied moisture face and eye mask plus changed my nail polish. Feel pretty good. Funny how without kids and family how dull life can be and how I have nothing to write about! Since the kiddos went out dinner with the family they didn't have time to skype but we did speak on the phone. They are harder to understand on the phone but some sort of tractor legos were mentioned a lot. :)


  1. Esinlendiğin fotoğraftakinden çok daha güzel bir kombin olmuş ve elbiseye bayıldım :)

  2. it's amazing how the kids truly become your life! this is such a great dress...forever 21 has evvvrything!!! my white blazer has become my fave to throw on over anything!

    btw, it was my mom, dad, niece, and brother in law's bdays!


  3. I smiled so much at the tractor legos! haha! I know what you mean... when you're away from them, it's so different. I don't know how I'm going to cope when she grows up and goes away! haha! I only pray that she works close to home so she doesn't have to move away. Weird how this post made me think of all that!

    Now on to your outfit! I totally agree with you--I never would have thought to pair that dress with white or black either, but as per usual, Bee is SPOT on and your inspiration post is amazing as well! You look just as good! Both looks are beautiful!

    I Can Be Many Things

  4. love your outfit :))


  5. Pretty outfit. I'm impressed at your ability to conceal its shortcomings with the scarf, etc. Your talent is styling teaches me ideas.

    It's also interesting to follow your life on a regular basis; for example, hearing how you react to not being with the kids. The blog shows us a real person.

    Oh and, btw, killer legs!

  6. Tractor legos! So cute!

    Girl, your legs look killer in these photos! Love the white blazer and the scarf! The scarf almost looks like beads. So cool!


  7. You can wear a white blazer like no one else!!! LOVE this outfit! The white blazer and the stripes is just brilliant!! Love the scarf, love the heels!!!


  8. Love Bee's blog..she is fantastic at the fresh and classic look..w a little funk along the way.

    You have done a great recreation...LOVE that dress you have...and I think more and more everyday that i NEED a white blazer in my life.

  9. Ne kadar güzel bir tarzın ve blogun var. Bayıldım :) BLoguma ve çekilişime beklerim =)

  10. Ahhh, this outfit is one of my favorite of yours, I truly ooo, when I saw it on my screen.
    Ohh and dont mention legos in this house, certain young man loves this too much.

  11. Love this look and all the colors! It's funny how no matter what generation---there are some toys that remain classics, such as legos. :)

  12. Seriously in love with your dress! Think it's still around?

  13. Awesome outfit! You did a great job in remixing with your own style. Bee's is inspiring isn't she. I have a daughter and I agree, when she's out w/ her cousins I feel a little dull.

    XOXO from San Francisco

  14. Bee nin bu kombinini cok iyi hatirliyorum, bayilmistim cunku. Sen de ne guzel uygulamissin, super olmus. Elbisene bayildim. Ah F21, Ahhh!


  15. that dress is simply AMAZING! you look gorgeous dear, I adore your endless legs!

    Wear A Smile!

  16. I really love this dress and outfit combination.


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