Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rusty Crochet

 I was so tired last night and went to bed early but then remembered I had not decided on what I was going to wear the next day. Sooo, since my list was somewhere in the un opened suitcase downstairs I just went off of my photos and picked this one out.
When I saw this photo I remembered this crochet dress I bought soooo many years ago from Victoria's secret catalog. And just like this photo it was portrayed on a model which must have been over 6ft tall cause I was surprised how long the dress looked on me. But kept it anyway.
 I have such a hard time finding cool ankle socks. There are always cute print ones but those do not go with what I am wearing and finding solid colored ones are a hassle. We Love Colors have a great selection but everything I pick only comes in size M/L and I bought some in this size and it is way too big. So I was so happy to find these cute socks in this rust color and mustard yellow at F21.
 Added a rust colored tank under to pick up the tone of the socks.

Dress - Victoria's Secret
Socks, necklace - Forever 21
Tank - do not remember
Hats - Asos
Mary Janes - Blowfish (Zappos)

Happy morning with the kids with lots of cuddles and kisses. Took them to their gym classes which they both love now. My daughter's class started early so my son and I watched her for the first 10 minutes and he told me how much he missed when I was gone. It just about broke my heart. Then my daughter's class ended early and we sat and colored together while waiting for his class to finish. And we got her a new gymnastics leaotard. Purple velvet bottom and silver shiny top. She loved it of course and didn't want to take if off.
Afterwards we hung out at the indoor play area next door until lunch. During which time my husband went grocery shopping to prepare for his single working dad week.
After nap/quiet time during which I napped too we picked up my dad and visited Ikea. The kids had fun sitting on the couches and going in the kid beds of the tiny furnished rooms. We then had dinner there and stopped for ice cream before coming home for baths and bed.


  1. Fotoğraflar çok güzell :) Renklerin güzelliği yanında tarzınla çok şık vintage bir görünüm katmışsın =) süpper :)

  2. Your socks in the shoes are so cute! Love your style!

  3. That dress look so good on you; you seem seven feet tall!

    And great choices with the colorful socks and tank.

  4. LOVE that dress..what a score from VS...sometimes there clothing is sooo great and sometimes it is a total miss...You got it RIGHT here.
    Funny you should mention the ankle socks thing..i am having a hard time finding a few cute pairs as well.
    That hat is AWESOME!
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Love the dress! <3



  6. i love the look. the dress, the hat, the cute socks and mary janes! i tried the socks/mary janes the other day and really liked it. i also got a felt hat at F21 with feathers. can't wait to wear it! i did hear IKEA is really great for the kids and the one near us has free meals on certain days for the kiddos!


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