Saturday, October 8, 2011

British Mustard

I initially picked to wear my red dress under this tee with my black sandals for today but the weather felt so cold in the morning no way I was going bare legged. So went with this combo instead...

 Got to add my spiky bracelet set and the bronzish gold chain which went nicely with the boot detail!

 Added the burgundy shrug as I felt cold ...

Crop Tee, Skinny Cords, Bracelets - Forever 21
Shrug - Alloy's
Necklace - Charlotte Russe
Hat - Mom's from France

So nice to see the kids again as I didn't get to last night since I arrived at 11 PM.  I kept on hugging and kissing them all day long. And they were more than happy to reciprocate as the longing for each other was mutual. First on our morning agenda was kids' gymnastic classes. My daughter was so happy to be wearing her new leotard we got last week. It is a one piece short-all thing with purple velvet bottom and silvery glitter top. She says she feels like Ariel. She is getting so good and loves it. And amazingly so does my son. He looks forward to it and seems to enjoy it. After the classes we went to a b-day party of their friend from pre-school. It was great seeing all my friends and being a mommy. Stayed home in the afternoon and my dad came for a visit and we all played with the kids while my hubby grocery shopped. After unpacking, putting things away and sorting out toys and dinner and etc...I finally sat down by 10PM. And once again concluded that life of a stay home mom is hell a lot more tiring than a 13 hour work day. But so much more rewarding just not monetarily.


  1. great outfit! love your pants! :)

  2. Your pants are so nice! Love the boots as well and the color of the vest is beautiful! The children are so cute!

  3. Killer pants!

  4. çok güzel olmuş, t-shirt'üne de bayıldım :)

    Wear A Smile!

  5. Wow. I have no idea how old you are, Daphne, but in this outfit, I'd swear you weren't a day over 22. You look so youthful and attractive.

  6. Stunning outfit!

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  7. Yuvana hosgeldin bebegim. Seni cok ozledim ve cocuklari sensiz gormeye tahammul etmek cok zordu. Umarim bir daha hic ayrilmazsiniz. İ love this outfit a lot love the colors and the bright happy look in your eyes from being back with your family. The kids look million times happy too of course!

  8. the mustard pant is an absolute beauty. i think i must have one.

    kissing the kids is such a wonderful gesture. I am sure they are aware how much hardwork mama put into every work. xoxo


  9. love the hat and colored jeans. i did a major haul this past some blue denims :)

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