Monday, October 3, 2011

Travel Savy

I love today's outfit! This Inspiration was from the August (2011) issue of In Style Magazine:

The minute I saw this combo I fell in love. Usually I cut inspiration photos like this and add to my list and don't wear them until months later sometimes a year even! But this one I picked a week after adding to my list!

Normally this scarf is too thick and warm (and a bit itchy) to wear often especially in San Diego. But for travel it was just perfect. Which made me realize shawl like scarfs are the ultimate accessory to travel outfits.
In unpredictable air plane temps they can be a life saver serving as a warm & cozy shawl. And upon landing simply wrap around neck for an effortless chic look. If there is too much material, leave the ends to dangle in the front a bit.
It can also camouflage those stains that occurred from unexpected spills during the flight! 
And if you are a mommy like me these can also serve as a blanket or folded up as a pillow to the little ones.

 This inspiration also gave me a chance to wear my new electric blue skinnies.
This is another thing I do: Buy a new item, create 5-6 new combos to my list with the item then don't wear it till much later. Mostly cuase unlike brand name clothes where it pays to wait until seosanl items go on sale by the time actual season comes, F21 sometimes works the other way. They bring a few coveted items and these are never seen again. Tights for example or a totally cute trendy coat or trench or lux looking shoes purses and accessories like leather shorts or pants.
You know the type of pieces you wear and everyone compliments and can't believe they cost under $30 from Forever 21!
So I know how to spot such items, for example a total classic looking trench in a unique sleeveless cut worth buying right away. An Aztec print chunky sweater priced at $35 is OK to risk the wait for a sale reduction.
These jeans were the type you buy right away before they run out of your size. I had been browsing the 'new arrivals' for such pair for a while.

Top, Scarf, Jeans, Sunglasses - Forever 21
Shoes, bracelet - on-line (can't remember the sites now)
Purse - Marshall's

In order to spend a full weekend with the kids I decided to fly out Monday morning for work which sounded like a great idea until my alarm went off at 5:40 AM! I was so tired but managed to snap these photos before putting the tripod and the camera in the suitcase and jumping in the cab for the airport.
I drank a huge cup of coffee which of course woke me up just enough to not let me sleep but did not take my tiredness away. BUT, I came with these super cool post ideas for the week I will be on vacation so hope I can pull them off. They are mostly around Fall/Winter trends and finding items that fit these trends right from my closet!
I took a cab from the airport and stopped by my hotel so I can check in and drop off my suitcases then had the cab take me direct to work. Had a nice lunch with my direct contact at the client. Asked her how everything went over the weekend knowing the team was going to work and she said they wouldn't give her an update until I arrived and they updated me first. They are so funny cause I am such a short timer and they treat me like I am the manager of the group. There were some good and some OK news so I have a lot of auditing to do this week.

Had a Skype session again with the kids and finalized their Halloween costume choices and after hanging up ordered them. My daughter now wants a pink super hero costume. Found her the perfect pink Bat girl outfit with cape, mask and arm bands (her requirements) and even a dress and boot covers as well. She was very specific about the arm bands. Somehow that is very important to her! :)
I couldn't convince my son to go for the $20 Finn McMissile costume as  he has his heart set on the $44 one. So I had to order from two different website but luckily his costume did go on sale and got him the matching spy gadgets which he specifically reminded me. 
My  kids! I wonder where they get it from? :)


  1. i love so much about this look. the blue pants are something i'm so coveting (though can't get until after pregnancy). your shawl looks amazing with this. and i love the purse. it's the perfect accessory!!!

  2. Love the blue pants! I like how you paired them with the neutral top and those awesome shoes! My electric blue pants are a favorite of mine too! Heather

  3. Oh, those blue pants are my favorite! I have a similar pair and can't wait to blog it!

  4. Pantolonun rengine bayildim! Güzel bir kombin - umarim sende benim Blogumu takip edersin :)

  5. i just saw some blue skinnies on the old navy site, too, and they were i was going to get them! i like this...has a somewhat british vibe :) i haven't even thought of the kids costumes yet. my daughter asked if kids her age still trick or treat! i said she could get away with it for another year maybe!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  6. Congratulations on your job! how exciting. So cute about your kids' costumes. I think mine are finally getting to the age when homemade costume will suffice! Costumes are soooo expensive!
    Even the second hand ones!


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