Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bunny Wink

Today's Casual outfit was inspired by this Chictopia post:

When I saw this I immediately thought of the cute tee I won at a blog giveaway and my peach jeans. Plus I am always on the look out for outfits with converses and uggs as they are my go to combo's for sea world or zoo or disney trips.
 It actually never got cool enough to wear the blazer until the very end...
 This lovely tee was a win from a blog giveaway from the Freesia blog!
Other than the whimsical winking bunny rabbit in the front, what is super cool is the sheer floral back!

Blazer - Newport News
Tee - Freesia Blog
Peach Jeans - filomen's closet
Sneakers - Converses

My son started Turkish School today. It is a school designed to teach the language and the culture to Turkish kids living in San Diego. The youngest age they take is 4 so finally he is old enough to join. My daughter of course threw a fit when she realized she couldn't stay. I got to meet some a whole group of Turkish Mommies and Daddies living right here with kids same age as mine. But it is so funny cause I was so shy and self conscious right away. I never feel this way in American groups. Talking comes natural and I am very outgoing. But with Turkish people I don't know it is like I am back in high school afraid to hang out with the popular kids. So weird. 
During kids naps I tried to pack most of my stuff. When they woke up we left immediately to meet my friends at Sea World. Even though it is only October 3rd I am apparently already way behind in getting the kids their costumes. So, we barrowed some from my friend and kids did trick or treating with their friends.
My friend had given a list of costume options to barrow and from this list my son picked 'Nemo' and my daughter chose 'super girl'. He was so enjoying all the attention and compliments he got wearing a fish costume in sea world of all places. My daughter kept twirling the make the cape swing behind her and never took off the uncomfortable eye mask and loved her arm bands. She now switched from wanting to be a mermaid to super girl. I have to find something similar. My son though is still set on being Finn McMissile from the CARs2 movie. I need to order these asap since we'll be doing pumpkin patch visits as soon as I am done with work I am sure.
Here are some cute photos...

Her hi-top sneakers got so many comments today. Great purchase from children's place on-line. Best thing they have laces but with a side zip you never have to touch them!


  1. I love this look, the pants are amazing! Great post :)

    Nicole D

  2. haha.. your peach pants remind me of my carrot pink wrangler jeans.. I had it when i was 14 now im 24 though but at that time i thought carrot pink was not so hot in fashion in India.. but now all other shades of colors are actually hot than the usual tones. I actually went for dying my b'ful wrangler pants into jet black. I think i was mad.. i should have kept. it your peach is absolutely stunning and your kids are as usual the cutest in the world..haha enjoy Daphne tak cre.

  3. Those peach pants are fabulous! I too will find any excuse to wear my Chuck Taylors! Kayla said I look like a teenager, but they are so fun. Us moms can look hip too! Love the back of the bunny tee also :) Heather

  4. Those little punkins' look adorbs in their costumes and I love your chucks!

  5. That's puzzling how you are outgoing among most Americans but shy around Turkish-Americans. I'm guessing the explanation has to do with your childhood experiences. Another thing I want to learn about you!

  6. Such a fun look! Your kids are precious as always! :)

  7. Love how your daughter picked "super girl" haha!
    I don't think I've ever had denim pants that colour. I love your outfit and inspiration. good job. xxoo

  8. Love your bunny shirt with the sheer back and those peach pants go so perfect with it. Really cute photos of the kids in costumes!!İ am looking forward for halloween night but don't know what to wear and this year we might need to dig into our costume box!!


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