Friday, October 7, 2011

Home is Calling & FBFF

 So remember, I told you I packed 1 extra outfit for this work trip? Therefore today I had a choice of 2 outfits. I chose this one cause this is something I might not wear during my  normal life that much and would be nice to wear to work. (the other outfit was with jeans).
The Inspiration photo below was cut soooo many months ago. It sat there because I did not own flared leg pants for a long time:

 I mostly walked around work today like this as the jacket was too warm. But for the plane ride home I will be wearing the jacket for sure.

 Since the inspiration photo shows a long blue trench with a tucked in top, I switched the proportions by wearing a long top with a crop jacket. :)
 Got these schiffon flared pants at ASOS a few months back on clearence. I wish I had waited though cause nicer ones are at F21 now. I don't like that it is schiffon cause you don't see the flare as much and it looks more like a skirt.
 I switched to navy peep toe flats as these would have been too high for airport travel.

Jacket, Top - Forever 21
Pants - ASOS
Heels - Steven by Steve Madden

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF)
topic is about 'Jumping on the fad bandwagon'

Hosted by Katy at ModlyChic:
The wild popularity of the Missoni Target line got her thinking about fads, trends, and our desire to be part of the 'in' crowd. This weeks questions are based on that.

1. Do you ever see a fad hit the stores and immediately dislike it? Has that fad ever began to grow on you?
Yes. 'Harem Pants' and 'High Waist' jeans are good examples. At first I didn't like them at all but then they grew on me.

2. Has the popularity of a certain piece of clothing or line ever convinced you to try on something (or purchase something) you dislike?
I would never purchase something I didn't like or that didn't look good on me just cause it is popular. However, yes I have tried on for example 'oxford' style shoes when they became very popular. Normally I wouldn't have been draw to them. But realized they look very cool.

3. Have you ever changed your mind about a trend after seeing it around for a while?
Yes and it goes back to my answer to #1. After I see many variations on magazines and blogs and try it on me I could start liking something that I didn't before.

4. Do you feel a certain pressure to have specific items in your closet because 'everyone' else does?
No. I mean who is pressuring me? The only pressure comes from myself and not because everyone else has it but because I really want it cause I really liked it. Tulle skirts are always in this category! :)

5. Be honest, what do you think of the Missoni line? Did you grab any items? Is it worth the eBay prices?
Definitely not worth the eBay prices. I really did like the line and would have purchased a few but was out of town visiting family and never got to a store in time to do that than everything was gone. If I realized how crazy it was going to be I would have insisted we hit a target with the family that day. Such regret.

To See how others answered these fun questions please click HERE!


  1. Love this outfit! Even though you don't love the pants i think they look fab on you! :)

  2. Love this look! One of my favorites. :)

  3. i too have hated certain trends then they would grow on me the more i saw them until i finally found myself purchasing them! haha. it's funny.

    love that blue jacket on you and the stripes look great!

  4. i love this outfit on you! one of my favorites :)

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  5. First the outfit - awesome! Would you believe I don't own a top with horizontal stripes? Not sure why as I always like them on others. The navy heels are great. I've been searching for just the right pair and had not found. May have to look for the Steve's.
    Your FBFF answers are much like my own. I don't feel pressure to buy or wear that which doesn't appeal to me.
    Happy friend Friday!

  6. Gorgeous, the pants are unreal!

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  7. Bayıldım, bittim, çoook yakıştırdım çoook..Harikasın ;)

  8. the skirt look so stunning i like it,

  9. I like what you post. please check out my blog and share some comments.

  10. I love those wide leg chic!

    xo Lisa

  11. wow you look so great! just like that editorial :)



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