Friday, October 28, 2011

A Clothes Family

 Today's inspiration came from this 'mash up' of photos Bee (from the famous Atlantic Pacific Blog) did back in September. She had this tiny photo:
Hers is a more dressy version with slacks. Mine is the more casual take with cotton capri's and a denim shirt:
 The idea of pairing yellow and blue with a splash of neon. Hers is orange mine is pink.

I took the photos upstairs so used one of the sunglasses I have in my dresser drawer...

 I wanted to layer all my thin and colorful bracelets like Bee did. The process takes forever though and I was having such a tough time so I asked my son to help but he got bored but my little daughter was more than happy to hold the ends so I can hook each one. Then at pre-school she used the toy ring links stacked up like bracelets and said 'look mommy like yours!"

 Most of these are evil eye pieces collected over time from Turkey. They look cool together.

 White wedges or sandals would have been better but I was too cold so opted for the wedges which I can wear with socks.

 Did not notice the giant finger print on my lens apparently!

 This pose was my son's idea. He likes to get creative like this! :)
Denim Shirt - from Turkey
Tank - J Crew
Pants - J Crew
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Bracelets - from Turkey, gifts, Tiffany's etc...

Busy day today with preschool in the morning and t-ball after naps followed by dinner with friend's at Sammy's Pizzaria.
Had to rush home for baths. Tomorrow we are scheduled for our xmas card photo shoot. Our friend's photographer has a great deal and she was doing her family and could takes us afterwards so we said 'yes'. Except I was absolutely not prepared at all. I ran through all sorts of ideas of what the family can wear. My husband of course was no help with these discussions so luckily my friend and I bounced ideas during kids' t-ball class and I bought a new shirt for my son before dinner from a store by the restaurant.
When I got home I started laying out the clothes so I can see how they looked together. First I had a green button down for my husband but with both of us in green it blended. So I swapped his top with a brown button down and the results were great:
 As many bloggers agree I am not a fan of every family member wearing the same color tops and bottoms. I feel the outfits should compliment but not match perfectly. And also not take away from the faces which should be the focal point of a family photo and not the clothes. So hopefully this combo will work.

This dress is from my cousin's childhood. It was the start of my inspiration to go with a 'green' theme...

This is the new top I got my son since everything he has is more or less solid green and I wanted a pattern. This top was perfect with dots of brown where it picks up my husband's shirt and my necklace. And the blue dots go great with the blue jeans. I might have him wear a long sleeve green tee under this so when the photographer is doing just the kids he can be in that to not clash with my daughter's dress...

Do you guys like it?
I am currently doing my nails in a dark brown with a gold tip and also going to try to do my hair a bit differently too. Hope it all works out.


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  2. It has been very nice and entertaining touring through your blog. I love your style and I love seeing mommy fashionistas because I can relate with them. Hope to read more of your posts. Thank you for linking up to Welcome To Weekend Blog Hop. Following you.

  3. Nice to meet you,thanks for linking up to our hop,I love to read fashion posts :)

  4. Look at you hot mama! thats awesome!
    I love how you took an inspiration outfit and copied it! Adorable kids you have!


  5. bilekliklerine bayıldım ve canım yeni saçların sana gerçekten çok yakıştı..:)

    Wear A Smile!

  6. Defnem İ love those evil eye bracelets together and all your poses are lovely but my favorite is My handsome grandson Trevor peeking from your legs with his gorgeous smile!! Love the family photo idea pictures also.

  7. Loving this post.

  8. Kombini çok güzel uyarlamissin cnm, bileklikler ne kadar güzel hele de biraraya gelince:) xmas kıyafetleri çok güzel, onlara çok güzel poz verdirmissin:D

  9. Cute stuff!! Love your jewelry!

  10. You look great! And I love the bracelets and shoes...but the best accessory is you son!! Such great real photos! And thanks for stopping by ;)

  11. new follower from the blog hop!
    cute outfits!!

  12. Loving this post, how cute are all your outfits.. LOVE IT.. I wanted to stop in and let you know that the linky for your posts today is here - please stop in and link up.. WOULD LOVE to see you within the list.. TY TY SO MUCH.. Wishing you an amazing weekend.. Sincerely ~Marilyn

  13. I adore that stitching!!! Thanks for following I'm now following you too! :-)

  14. Love your outfit !!
    You look gorgeous ;)
    and your children are amazing... that cute photo with your son!!!

    Love from London Wishes

  15. Love these photos...they have such great spirit!!!
    Your look is fabulously casual the inspiration shot too..
    Love the tied chambray shirt..and those wedge/booties are awesome and look super comfortable.

  16. I really like the yellow and blue together and I love those boots! =)

    star-crossed smile

  17. Your bangles and bracelets are very pretty and look great layered all together, also loving those kick butt booties!


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