Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely Kristy from Monochroma Chic Blog:
She has such a cute and chic style and very creative work ensemble. I liked this combo cause it was red pants with a more boyish look. I wish I had looked at the inspiration photo a bit more closely so I could have added the necklace. It did feel like I was missing something but I was in such a rush that did not have time to play with it.
 I wore my silk blue and brown striped shirt under the grey v-neck. The colors don't show much though...

 I wanted to be comfy so wore my burgundy cords instead of the red jeans. I can't wait to go back to my old weight so all my pants feel comfortable.
V-Neck Sweater - JCrew
Blouse - JCrew
Cords - Forever 21
Oxfords - Bass
Eye Glasses - DKNY

Tried to get as much errands at home done as possible, then drove up to my friend's house for a long play date at her house. The kids loved playing together in and out and we tried to catch up between the chaos. Stopped by a children's thrift store on our way home and unfortunately hit major traffic but the kids napped so it was peaceful. Of course we got home super late and the kids were starving and I hadn't cooked yet. Thank goodness my friend that had come over brought food for herself and we gave that to the kids while I cooked.
We are now catching up on 'walking dead' episodes we had been saving for her return.
AND I got the new iphone 4S. Haven't spent a lot of time tweaking it yet but it looks and works amazing.


  1. B&W Oxfordların bordo kadife ile kullanımı çok başarılı. Ayrıca gömlek içi kazak trendinin bu şekilde boyish uygulamasını çok casual & stylish chic durmuş! ;)

    BeTwin Us

  2. ayy bayıldım ben senı bu haline, sacını toplayısın, sweater, gomlek renkler ve oxfordlar.. cok beğedim cnm:)

  3. Is... is that you?! You look so different.

    It's a cute, boyish appearance. I wouldn't have recognized you if this wasn't your blog.

  4. This is a favorite look of mine! I love the preppy/boyish look :)

  5. The red jeans are perfect and loving the overall outcome of this outfit! The shoes were the cherry on top!

  6. Hemen gidip Oxford ve kırmızı pantalon alasım geldi;) Kombinin gayet başarılı ;)


  7. you did a great job--love the glasses and the red pants.

    i'm watching the Walking Dead too--great show!

  8. Cute look! I love the shoes! :)

  9. great post! so trendy ;)

  10. I've been dying for some nice red pants. You wear yours so well! I need to get a pair of my own!


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