Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Old Denim

 Today's outfit was a bit heavy for mid day but worked fine for the morning. This has been on my list since last year. I had an inspiration photo but somehow it had disappeared. The combo was intrquing cause it utilized my super old (and super thick) old denim shirt and the very old jersey skirt. Both that have not been worn in ages!

Added the white feather earrings and the cheetah ring for interest...

 Notice the missing button!? Oh well...

Wearing Essie 'size matters' from the new fall collection. Like the color that is between red and fuchsia pink.

 I can't seem to age these boots even though I owned them for years!

Denim Shirt - JCrew
Skirt - DKNY
Belt - thrifted
Boots - Via Spaga
Earrings - Thread Show
Ring - Forever 21

At preschool today the kids brought home 'winnie' which is a stuffed animal puppet dog that comes with a bag and extra clothes and a folder where each kid fills with photos of the week they took Winnie Home. Funny how something so silly can excite the kids. Of course there was a lot of fighting between two of them but settled it with deciding he would nap with my son and go to bed at night with my daughter. Now I have to keep track of this dog all week long and take photos. A lot of work actually.
After naps we did a little costco shopping than delivered dinner to a friend that just had her 3rd baby.
Then rushed home for a quick dinner and went to our local library for the first time for this 'Pjama story time and craft' event they hold twice a month. We usually go to another library but this one we had never been. It was a fun and different event for the kids. They liked going out in their PJs.

I have forgot to do posts on the "Bloggers for Health" initiative I was participating in.
First we were supposed to have a few simple goals. Here are mine:
1. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
2. Stick to my new diet until I am back to my pre consulting weight of couple months ago
3. Start working out again (at least 1 day a week)
4. Try to get more sleep by going to bed no later than midnight, preferably at 11 PM.

This week we are supposed to talk about

How much progress (emotionally, physically.. tell us how you feel) have you made in your first few weeks of Bloggers for Health? 
Have you been sticking to week one's five things? How is your workout plan going?

I am doing good with my diet and water goals but am not really going to bed early. I am also always tempted to nap during the day but don't am just feeling very tired. 
I haven't been able to squeeze in any exercise plans yet cause I have a cold am just too exhausted. Lets see how much better I get in the later weeks.


  1. The whole outfit is darling. LOVE those boots!

  2. This whole outfit is great. I love black and brown together! Heather

  3. You look gorgeous Daphne! Love the combination, I've got an old denim shirt I want to team with a burgundy jumper one day soon :) Thank you for your comments on my blog, so lovely to 'meet' a fellow mummy fashion blogger - we seem a bit of a rare breed! It was indeed yesterdays outfit I got a comment on, I suppose I was a little dressed up for a church hall playgroup!x

  4. Sorry but I don't like denim shirt with jersey skirt...

  5. lovely ! I'd die for your ring and your earings ! So folk and perfect with the outfit !

  6. Hi! You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥

  7. Super cute look! Love the polish and cheetah ring!

  8. I love this look, especially the boots and earrings. :)

    When I was in second grade, we had a blue dinosaur that we got to take home for a week. I remember being so You reminded me of that with winnie.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I adore black and brown together..and have been blogging away about my denim/chambray shirt...isn't it the BEST addition to your wardrobe? I wear mine NON stop, lol.
    Your boots are when they last forever and seem to only get better with time.


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