Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jeans and Blazer Day

 This is what I wore tonight for a casual b-day dinner out with my hubby! The inspiration came from the following:

 This super cool suede shirt jacket is my mom's and very old. It had matching pants but those no longer fit any of us.

 My high heel boots that are over 8 years old!

Suede jacket - vintage
Black T-neck - newport news
Jeans - Forever 21
boots - J Crew

And this was my day outfit:
 Inspired by the J Crew catalog:

Grey Blazer, scarf - Forever 21
Shirt - from Turkey
Light Skinny Jeans - Victoria's Secret
Sneakers - Rocket Dog

Busy day today. I took the kids to my mom's for breakfast while my husband went to play tennis. The whole gang was there and it was a fun long breakfast together. Then I tried to get as much done at home as possible the but the kids woke up quickly and I took them to a friend's b-day party while my husband enjoyed his b-day day off watching football. My parents came over to babysit as we went out to dinner.


  1. LOVE that first outfit! A camel blazer is so chic and classy. Love how you paired it with black too :)

  2. love the color of the first blazer. it's brilliant!

  3. Love that first outfit...especially the blazer and boots! :)

  4. love the 1st set, simple and chic.

  5. those boots are in tip top condition! guess that's what you get when you buy quality??

    nice yellow shirt. my sister has a leather one which i'm patiently waiting for, lol!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  6. I LoVE an 8 year old apir of boots.... That still rock!!!! I really like your blog please check out mine


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