Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orange Pants

 Tonight's outfit for my husband's and sister's b-day dinner was inspired from a tiny photo in the September 2011 issue of In Style Magazine:
This photo made me think of my new orange pants from Romwe and the very very old long suit blazer jacket I have.

 Went with a silk white cami to keep the look dressy....
 Spiked but shiny necklace added elegant edge...
 Hot pink belt with gold studs was a nice color pop over the orange.
 Gold jewelry and purse...
 This is such an old suit jacket but it never goes out of style. Love its long and lean cut... The material is this miracle fabric that never gets wrinkled. I wore it a lot for day travel business meetings.
 I tried about 5 different pairs of black shoes before settling on these...

Jacket - Bebe
Camisole - Newport News
Pants - Romwe
Belt, Bracelets, Necklace - Forever 21
Purse - Ralph Lauren
Heels - Boutique 9

Day was crazy with my husband taking the kids to gym classes while I grocery shopped and ran errands.
During nap baked a cake then got the house ready for the after dinner celebration so there is no rush when everyone gets to our house. We got the kids ready after naps and met the whole family at Bucca Di Beppo for a b-Day celebration of my husband and sister who share the same birthday.
We then had everyone come to our house for cake and presents and also toasted my sister and her Fiance on their engagement. A very busy but fun night.

These were taken before we left for dinner:
My daughter always gets noticed more with her outfits but I truly enjoy dressing up my son as well. He looked cool tonight with this grey white and black ensemble...
My daughter's outfit was to die for. It is 100% silk Nicole Miller outfit with a tunic and leggings. A gift from a family friend on her 2nd b-day but she is just wearing it now. Her first designer outfit! I would have loved to pair it with regular shoes but she doesn't have any yet so it was boots.

Here is the big group at Bucca Di Beppo:

At our house:
My sister got very cool gifts!
The Happy Couple:


  1. You look great in those orange pants! :D Your daughter looks adorable too :)

    * ELLE VOX

  2. The mix of pink, orange and gold is awesome !

  3. Defne'cim cok begendim ben bu kombini... Sectigin kolye, kemer ve ayakkabilar outfit'e harika bir 'edge' katmis!!! Ayakkabilarina ozellikle bayildim ;))) Opuyorum canim xxx

  4. I love how you paired that belt with the pants. That never would have occurred to me and yet it's so interesting. Really smart choice.

  5. You really have a great sense of style! Love how you pay attention to detail like the pink shoelaces and pink belt! great color combination!

  6. ama ben bu minikleri yerimmmm ki :D

  7. I love the look! Especially the pants! Btw your daughter is SOOOOO cute, seriously she is so adorable, bless her :)

  8. Love it! I actually like your version MUCH better than Demi's. Love the pink detail on the shoes!

    I love your sister's look as well. That watch is gorge!

  9. The red pants with the pink belt are a genius combination!

  10. I love your blog! I absolutely adore your resolution to do both, being a mommy and fashionista, and you do it so well! Love your style!

  11. I like that you always have fun with your outfits, the purple belt with the pants is such a wonderful colour combination.

  12. Happy Birthday to all :) Loving those orange pants and pairing the pink belt with it was a fab. idea!

    P.S., yes, taking all those shoes out and putting them back was a pain in the toosh! But fun :)

  13. Happy Birthday to all :) Loving those orange pants and pairing the pink belt with it was a fab. idea!

    P.S., yes, taking all those shoes out and putting them back was a pain in the toosh! But fun :)

  14. Orange would not have been my first choice but after seeing the way you pulled all of this together I am starting to think maybe I need a pair of orange pants, too.

    I really like all of this. Smashing! I know, who uses that word? Hee Hee

  15. cnm pantalon cok güzel olmus ozellikle pembe kemerle:) bu arad iyiki doğmuşlar ikisi de:))

  16. awwwwwwesome orange pants! :) love how you styled them. looks like you had a blast with the fam, too! so great! <3

  17. Everybody looks like they loved your color combo but İ want to comment on how the whole family colors matched1 trevor's grey and black match his father2s and Juliet matched yours and all together look fab in the family photo. İ love your profile picture and the picture you took Buket and Tyler came out great.İ need to reorganize my closet for the upcoming season soon!!!

  18. harika olmuşsun, pantolon ve kemerin uyumunu çok beğendim! VE kızında maşallah çook güzel, bayıldım ufaklığa, harika pozlar vermiş.


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