Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn

 This inspiration photo has been in my folder for ages (well from last year). Figured I should finally wear it...
 I liked the unusual combination of black ankle socks and colored heels under the brown/cream outfit...

 This cozy looking sweater which is actually quite light is also very old...

Sweater - Arden B
Pants, socks - Forever 21
Shoes - Gabriella Rocha (from Zappos)
Earrings - Betsey Johnson
Headband - who knows?

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Recovering from the crazy weekend and trying to get the house in order before we leave for Thanksgiving to visit my in-laws. Went to the indoor play area so I can get caught up.
Tonight meeting up with my bf to see Twilight's latest movie. Those of you who read my blog regularly probably remember that I am a die hard fan of the books. Have read all 4 from cover to cover at least 3 times. The first book 4 times. We never expect movies to be nearly as good but of course they have to be seen.
It wasn't bad actually. Ms. Stewart I must say did an amazing job of acting. Pattison finally gained some weight and looks much better. Lautner I have to say is just getting hotter and hotter especially with a slight goatee in one of the scenes. Although they tried to incorporate everything I don't know if would be able to understand all the nuances if you didn't read the books.
I will eventually buy the movies but since I don't own any I figure I will wait until they are all out so I can get a boxed limited edition set type of thing.


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  2. Loving the sweater and pants combo. I never visit F21 but I am definitely going to visit for the sales this Friday!

    I saw Breaking Dawn and loved it! The first three were so dry (different directors) but Bill Condon pulled actual emotion from the actors. It was very well done. Its hard to have read the books while knowing certain aspects of the film are missing.


  3. gah...jealous you saw the movie, but glad to hear it was good and better than the first ones (per above comment). i like the sock + heel combo!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  4. Defne’cim çok hoş bir inspritation olmuş bu kombin. Özellikle kazağın degaje olması, pantolonun kısa paçaları ve mavi & siyah birlikteliği çok güzel bir birliktelik oluşturmuş. Taşlı kalp küpelerinse siyah bant ile kullanımı oldukça göz alıcı ;)

    BeTwin Us

  5. This is such a cute idea doing the socks and colored shoes. I am kind of a chicken when it comes to doing the socks and heels thing, but this I could actually do! Heather

  6. How fun...that shot of color from your feet..Love it!
    Also really loving those earrings.
    Hope you have an amazing turkey day with your family!

  7. Love this look and the pop of the shoes. Too cute!

  8. mavi ayakkabılarını çok sevdim canım..:)

  9. Love the inspiration photo and the pop of color in the shoes is so fun! May have to try this one ;)

  10. I love this outfit, it's really cute! I would definitely wear this outfit :) I'm getting inspirations here <3 I adore your blue heels, it's super chic.

  11. I love the color combination. Nice! Your look is even better than the inspiration pic. :-)

  12. Cool shoes!

  13. I actually like your outfit better than the inspiration photo. I LOVE those shoes.

  14. Very hot babe, cute little body...

  15. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Those shoes are amazing! I love that you found an inspiration photo and challenged yourself. I need to do that more often.


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