Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

 This was my outfit on Thanksgiving day today!

The inspiration was another super old photo I cut out from a fall issue of 2010 I think!

I realize my outfit is not all that similar but it was just the idea of pairing skinny legging pants with a button up and a cute cardi. This is the one time I think my combo is actually cooler when compared piece by piece. I went leather instead of glitter on the bottoms. The cardi I chose has the cute little black kitten with a rhinestone collar which I used as an inspiration for my earrings and headband. And adding the bow pin I think made it very unique.

Remember these beauties from my 'top 5 a list' among all my shoes?

Cardigan - Lucky
Blouse - La Redoute Catalog
Pants - Mom's vintage
Bow pin - Asos
Headband, Earrings - Forever 21
Shoes - Laundry Segal

We had a great thanksgiving at my in-law's house. My SIL and her family came as well so the kids got to spend a lot of quality time with their cousins. Their daughter is 6 yrs old,  son is only 3 months older than my son (both 4.5) and my daughter at 2.5 they were pretty close in age to enjoy each other's company.
We don't take as many photos with this group as they are not so into that but I did get to snap in action photos of the kids at least and the table!

 You can tell they are all related!

 My Mother in-law got them all small gifts from the 'thanksgiving turkey'!

Kids got us started on a puzzle then all left but my brother in-law and I got addicted to it and worked even after it got dark until we finished the buzz light year 300 piece puzzle!



  1. Lovely photo's of everyone and Thanksgiving,great outfit :)

  2. İ loved your outfit a lot and the blue nail polish is too pretty! The pictures show how much fun everybody had. The table was set with so many details and printed menu! Barbara went all out on this special day and İ am so happy to see the pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  3. Lovely outfit! Love the cat in your sweater. Seems you had a great thanks giving day!

  4. i definitely think your version is cooler because i love that bow pin!

  5. In love with your cardigan! The whole look is so adorable and fun! We have that same Aquadoodle mat!


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