Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kika Show and Grinch in downpour

 This is what I wore today to both a clothing house show and to our night event! 
The inspiration was from the Anthropologie magazine:
The colors are totally different but it was the idea of wearing a schiffon maxi skirt with a crop thick sweater and a floppy hat!
 It is so fun to pose with a chiffon maxi! Like the tulle skirt I wore last week this one is from Romwe as well. I just love the double lined chiffon and the blush color. This is exactly like the American Apparel number but was half the cost!
 This fair isle turtle neck is ridiculous old. I rarely wear it cause it is super thick and warm but for a cold day like today it was perfect and the print is totally in this season!
 These are relatively new from Zappos. Exactly the style of dressy booties I was looking for.

Such a flowing skirt.

Sweater - Victoria's Secret
Skirt - Romwe
Hat - TJ Maxx

Started the morning with putting away all the clean china and glasses away from last night and ironing the cloth napkins. My husband and step dad took the kids to see happy feet 2. I hosted a clothing party at my house which was more like an interview as I am thinking about starting selling this line. The fabric and quality is just amazing. The pieces are so comfy and yet very flattering and stylish and they are so versatile. You can mix and match the pieces in so many ways and the colors are just amazing. I was very excited to learn more about the line and the company. If I decide I would start end of January. Even though my own career makes like 7 times more the money it would also mean so much time away from my family so I would love to do something that allows me to do something I love and not give up time with my kids. We have to see. At the same time I am thinking about doing closet consulting where I help people go through their closet, organize and help them come up with combinations with stuff they already own. All very exciting.
 With my Mom!

Sally from Kika Paprika setting up in my living room:
 Having such a good time. I only invited my mom and sister to get their opinion and Sally invited her friend and her step daughter. We had a fun time asking millions of questions for when I become consultant myself!
One of many outfits my mom tried on and put together.

We ended the show right when the kids woke up from naps and my sister and mother helped clean-up and get the kids ready so we could leave very quickly for this Tree Lighting Ceremony we had planned to go.
It is part of the play 'Grinch who stole Christmas'. All the characters come out to do a musical show then they light up this gorgeous all pink Christmas tree.
Except it was super cold and pouring outside. Knowing the event is a 'rain or shine' outfit we left anyway despite my husband and my dad thinking I was crazy.
We got lucky with an amazing parking spot and walked right in. Met up with friends there and while my husband and dad held a spot in front of the stage the kids played in the covered area and had a great time.
The show was quick since again it was pouring but it was fun regardless. My daughter was mesmerized by the all pink Grinch Tree. My son and I will be seeing the play next Sunday!


  1. LOVE that maxi skirt and the idea to pair it with a thick sweater was an excellent one. Also liking that you kept the leg and foot wear dark! Excellent look!!

  2. İ loved your outfit especially with the hat. Kika paprika clothing was amazing and we had so much fun and is what all of this dressing about really. The grinch tree looks very cook and the kids had fun it looks like. İ am glad you did not let the rain ruin your plans. Life is too short:)

  3. Defne'cim bu aralar cok yogunum, hic bakip da yorum yazamadim bloguna kusura bakma. Dukan a baslaman ve iyi gitmesi super, cok sevindim. Sen kitabi almistin galiba, benden daha detay biliyorsundur gerci ama protein gunlerinde herb lere izin veriyor ya, ben bol bol yagsiz maydanoz, roka, tere, nane, kekik, dereotu falan yiyorum lif olsun, hem de faydali diye, senin de aklinda olsun.
    Bu kombinin harika olmus bu arada, cok seviyorum, uzun etek, kazak ve sapka birlikteligini. Botlarinla da cok guzel uymus.

  4. Wow, I completely love the combination. You guys really had tons of fun.

  5. You totally rocked this outfit. I love the color and flow of that skirt and it paired so well with the pattern sweater and hat!

  6. Wow, love how you styled that look! You two look gorgeous!

  7. you've got a beautiful shoes! i like the way you incorporate that maxi skirt with your top. nice!


  8. Love that hat!

  9. kazağına ve botlara bayıldım,uçuş uçuş etekle de çok hoş bir kombin olmuş :)

  10. Pudra rengi etek, kış desenli kazak ve ankle bootilere bayıldım! ;) floppy hat de kombini öne çıkaran harika bir detay olmuş ;)

    BeTwin Us

  11. This is what I wore today to both a clothing house show and to our ...


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