Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brick by Brick

Today's outfit came out much cooler than I anticipated. This happens often. For example I thought yesterday's outfit would be much cooler but it was just kind of OK. Today's I thought would be just OK and it was very cool looking.

The inspiration came from this photo in ELLE magazine's October 2011 Issue:

 This hat was purchased years ago for a New Year's Eve party where everyone was asked to come wearing a hat of some kind.

I added the red/animal print purse for a punch of color apart from the pants...

 Trench - My Mom's
Top - Gap
Pants, Boots, Necklaces - Forever 21
Purse - Marshall's
Hat - Thrifted

We finally got legoland passes through my friend's friend at a military discount and activated the passes for the first time today. Except it was a horribly crowded day there since it is holiday week. We met up with friends and made the most of it. My friend's husband was there so that was a huge help. Legoland has ridiculous height requirements for their rides then they have this rule that one adult per child so I can't even get on a ride where both my kids qualify in height! So we had to split a lot. My friend's husband took the girls to the princess area where they got their face pained. We got a call from him telling us to hurry back cause the girls were picking out $60 princess outfits and he was having a hard time stopping them!  I was amazed at the elaborate work my daughter got done on ehr face. She loved it of course. Convinced her that the princess clothes will come for Christmas but let her choose one pair of princess shoes. She never let go of those shoes the rest of the day!
Stayed later than I anticipated but the kids did fall a sleep on the drive back. I got home to pick up clothes then drove to my mom's. They had invited us for dinner but also wanted to do a family photo for their Xmas Card. My daughter cried and cried when we took off her face painting. But she calmed down for the photo finally!


 Notice the 'shoes' in her lap!

And here is the family photo for my parents' xmas card:


  1. Love the pants and those boots are awesome! They give the outfit some edginess and rock style. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. That is right you do belong in a magazine babe. I love the idea of blue pants with plaid purse! Juliet's face painting was amazing:) and her picture sleeping with her shoes is priceless but she did forget them at my house İ will bring it over today. Love the family photo you did so good thank you very much. İ found the perfect card for it and ordered already!!!

  3. Loving the color of those pants! Sounds like you had a great time at the theme park - and I understand where your daughter is coming from; I wouldn't let go of my princess shoes either!

  4. wonderful family photos! and you totally pulled off this look. love the blue pants and the booties!

  5. I love how u get ur inspirations from mag. I am def. gona try that out, hopefully it works for me too :)


  6. Love the photos! Your daughter is so cute and I love the pic with her new shoes. She's already a little fashionista! :)

  7. güzel yorumlarin icin tskler cnm ..

    o minik prenses cok seker birsey , masallah !

  8. You have a beautiful family! I am loving your blue pants with the trench.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. I'm having a hard time believing these pants came from F21. They appear much more expensive than that!

    Your daughter is so cute - you two share the same taste in style. Just look at these photos! :P

  10. Oh my goodness, that face painting is gorgeous! Your daughters are the absolute cutest. I cannot get over the rule of one adult per child! How do they expect single parents to have any fun with their children? It must be so hard! Anyway, I'm glad the kids had fun! Looks like an awesome day. I normally hate hate hate huge crowds. Thank you for the sweetest comments on my recent posts. They really make my day. I love hearing from other Moms who know the ins and outs of everyday life with kids! Haha! I bet it only gets busier as they get older! Happy thanksgiving :)


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