Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Being Crazy Isn't Enough

 This was my outfit last night to a 'Captain Apprecation' Dinner given by the organizaiton that puts together playgroups by neighborhood and kids' birth age... (I am the captain of my playgroup)...
The inspiration came form this tiny photo way back 2 years ago on wearing berets....
I liked the idea of red mini skirt, mustard scarf and white beret with jet black accessories and pieces...
 This is the skirt part of  my old old Ann Taylor suit. I have worn the red blazer part a few times but hadn't worn the skirt forever. It is old so high waist and not very comfortable but for a short dinner it was fine...
 The booties and the red suede fringe purse were great touches...

 Top - Gap
Skirt - Ann Taylor
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Beret and tights - Forever 21
Booties - Gabriella Rocha
Trench Coat - Adrianna Vitaddani (sp?)
Purse - Thread Show

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And here is a photo from last night's dinner with my friend who is also the captain of her playgroup:


  1. Oh I love this outfit, so happy! Great scarf and skirt!

  2. Love the outfit and the scarf is such cheerful color! Love the two captains picture together:)

  3. I've been looking for the perfect beanie to no avail myself! Super cute :)

  4. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. One of my favorites!

    I am sorry that the skirt wasn't really comfortable... it looks great! Those shoes... well, those shoes!

  5. love love love how the red and yellow look together :)

  6. Wonderful look,I really like it.Kiss,Jelena

  7. great ketchup and mustard combo...i like it with the black base. also love that red fringe bag!!



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