Thursday, February 2, 2012

So many hats and only one head!

 This is another inspiration I had saved a year and a half ago...
I picked it cause it was the perfect setting (combination) to showcase this beautiful necklace my husband brought from India when he went there for work in 2010....
 These are my old work slacks. They still fit and feel great. I just make sure I take them off as soon as I get home to avoid dry cleaning.

 Vest - Forever 21
Top - Mom's
Scarf - H&M
Necklace - from India
Pants - Express
Booties - Steve Madden

Had to get up super early and be at kids' preschool by 7:30 AM this morning. As you might have already figured out I attend a co-op type preschool where all the mommies take on a task and have to be there the entire time. These classes are completely free but they are on a first come first saved basis. So whenever a new semester starts we have to go super early to guarantee a spot. I was fortunate enough to be able to leave the kids at home and get in line and my husband brought them to school before he left for work which was an hour later. The class was a bit chaotic as it usually is with new families joining and orientation etc... 

Had to snap this photo of my daughter when I saw she had adorned all these costumes on her... She must have picked all these herself and another mommy must have helped...So cute...

After school I got to open the packages that came in the mail and set up my new HAT STAND! Hence the title of my blog post today...
I have been dying to find a solution to my ever growing hat collection. I envisioned buying bunch of wall hooks and hanging them all over this (behind the door) area but that would have required so much work and create horrible holes in our walls. When I was ordering a secondary portable clothes rack for my new business I ran into this wonderful hat stand (made for stores obviously) in the online store. I couldn't beleive it.
Fits perfectly too and each segment rotates for easy access....
Of course they won't be stored as shown here since they will collect horrible dust. I have most of them in a plastic bag for protection.
Don't you just love it?


  1. The hat rack is too cool... And practical!

  2. Cute look! Fun and professional.

  3. i was just thinking i need a hat rack. mine are currently stacked on my dresser and getting messed up! i love your look, that necklace is gorgeous!

  4. It's amazing that you're starting your own business. Wishing you lots and lots of luck *hug*.

    I love this look since you can wear it to work and then switch to a sequinned jacket for an evening out.

  5. hey ! you have a beautiful collection of hats !

  6. i love those hats! i'm a hat collector myself! Maybe I should really get my own hat rack!



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