Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kick, Hit, Yell!

 My outfit Tuesday.... I was going to wear the leather pants with this combo but then realized I didn't want those pants in a sand playground so went with the skinny cargo's instead...

The inspiration was this:

This reminded me of my chunky sweater and wearing a delicate tulle/ruffle top under it:

I love this necklace. It is hand crochet flowers attached to a silk ribbon. Found this at a street fair in Turkey. I so should have bought more of her pieces cause they were all so gorgeous. This summer I plan to shop big for this type of stuff so I can sell it with the beautiful Kika Paprika's fall/winter line clothes.
 I also love how this tank peeks out of the cardigan. I bought this top primarily for this hemline.
And the earpods.... I was trying to do a work call at the same time and kept pulling them out of my ear just before the photo snapped. I lost my bluetooth ok so it sucks!

Cardigan and boots - Forever 21
Top - Charlotte Russe
Pants - Target
Necklace - handmade from a Turkish Bazaar

We had our outdoor class today but it was a field trip to a Karate Academy for a free class. The kids had a blast. They had a great promotion so I signed them both up for 5 classes plus a uniform for $25 a kid.
Not sure if we'll continue but it will be a different activity for a while.
After class we fit in a quick grocery shopping since there was a store there in front of the same parking lot. Then drove to the playground couple blocks away and had the kids play. My daughter took a nice nap that afternoon.
My friend came over with her two boys for a playdate and dinner in the afternoon/night.

Here are some fun Karate Class Photos:

I love this trying to concentrate photo! My son is in the red sweats.

Jumping Jacks:


  1. Those little nuggets look so adorable doing their karate!

  2. Cool sweater and cute sun glasses! I love the kids Karate photos especially Trevor trying to concentrate which looked like it was not happening!!!

  3. i love the lace peeking through the sweater and the black cargos are a good choice. very functional! i like your hair, BTW!!!

  4. I love the aqua coat you got! So gorgeous!



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