Monday, March 19, 2012

Open House

This was my outfit Saturday. I had an open house at my own home from 11 to 3 PM.
I have been dying to wear these funky zebra wedges since I scored them at F21.

This top is called 'Josie' from the Kika Paprika collection. 
It can be ordered in any of their spring/summer colors.
It is made out of slub cotton and can be worn many different ways (see below):

I love this style of wearing it (back to front) cause the back looks so cool. I would normally wear this over their black tank but it was so cold Saturday I had to pull out my turtleneck!

Added black and white bangles to compliment the zebra wedges!

Top - 'Josie' in aqua by Kika Paprika
Leggings - Kika Paprika
Turtleneck - Gap
Bangles & Wedges - Forever 21
Earrings - Thread Show

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My hubby and Dad left early in the morning to watch the Indian Wells tennis tournament despite the risk of being rained out. Luckily the match went on with a few delays and they had a blast.
My stepdad came to take the kids to their morning gym classes then kept them at their house so I can cold the open house at home in peace.
My sister and best friend came over to help out with the open house and keep me company.
My sis was already wearing her kika dress she purchased half price as a reward for hosting a show couple weeks ago. I immediately dressed my best friend all in Kika too. Then she told me 'you know you dressed me totally in your colors!?' She was right but looked great on her. 
My sis who has worked at Ann Taylor for years were no stranger to helping people dress and style. And my friend was great at hanging clothes back and finding sizes. 
As people came we all helped them try on outfits and had a blast!

Here is an all purple and black outfit we dressed one of my mommy friends:

At one point another friend of mine and my bf were all dressed in black and aqua so had to take a photo


  1. I love this top and actually it would be perfect for pregnancy to wear with a pin front or back and post pregnancy! Love the color also which is what I ordered in Joey jacket. I love the picture of three of you and this whole outfit is rocking on Lisa the colors and style is very flattering her figure and matching her new hair-do!! Love those shoes also with your outfit and again you are the rare people that can wear them:)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!!!!!

  3. You look so cute and I ADORE that color on should wear it more often.
    Fun shoes...
    hope all is well..been a while since I have stopped by..things have gotten so busy w the pregnancy and all...C

  4. Loving all that gorgeous turquoise!

  5. Wow! Great color! Love how it's so versatle!


  6. Very creative outfit. And those... um, shoes?! They look so unusual. I wouldn't know they're shoes if they weren't at the end of your legs. You're so adventurous. I really respect that.

  7. Yes..I am almost 16 weeks:) I think chasing around after Connor has kept the weight gain down..but I feel like my belly is going to POP any day now...
    Thanks for well wishes.

  8. Such a great color! And those shoes are awesome! I'm stopping by from Monday Mingle. This week I'm talking denim trends

  9. Wooowww !!! This blue with zebra shoes... it's fashion science perfection !!!!!!

  10. you girls are adorable! Are your friends from the Philippines?



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