Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mother Daughter

 Of course once again I am a day behind and will probably fall more behind. But better late then never...
Here is the cute outfit I wore yesterday (Monday). This was the skirt-beret set my mom knit for both myself and my daughter during Christmas. I have been waiting for a special day to wear where we will also see her but felt that day might not come so decided to wear it on a 'regular' day. I will keep wearing this skirt but she will grow out of it. Isn't it just adorable?

 I might have picked a different styling for myself, like dark brown tights and blue heels and a navy top but to match her more closely I went with what she has. :)

My son pulled up his stool so he can see when the timer tripod snapped the photo. After the shots above he told me I should look at the camera and smile. So I did! :)

Matching Skirt/Beret sets - lovingly knit by my Mom
My Sweater, tights and necklaces  - Forever 21
Camisole - Ann Taylor
Boots - Via Spiga

Her top - target, Cardigan & Boots - Children's Place

My son wanted to join the photo shoot so pulled up a chair for himself...

 Loving these poses...

With my precious angels:


  1. Love your style and love your blog! Please check out mine when you get a chance. Also, I'm working with BCBG on a fabulous giveaway for my readers and would love for you to enter!


    style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  2. Wow this is the most adorable skirt ever I totally love it and it is eve better since you and your daughter both have one. You two look amazing and you have the most adorable children.

  3. At first I thought your skirts were Christopher Kane. Great job, Mom!!!
    Love your sons pants. Where did you get them???
    I am DIY-ing something like that paint splatter for my daughter.

  4. http://ehdknits.com/2011/08/18/crochet-a-granny-square-skirt-save-a-bundle/

  5. I am glad you wore it before it gets too little on Juliet!Looks really darling and Trevor is posing very handsome with his stylish pants :) Soccer mom wrote thi link of someone makes these skirts on commission and that was the picture ı got inspired from! I love the way you put it together with matching tights and boots too.

  6. omg, so cute! love the matching skirts. that skir tis pretty fabulous, actually...great colors, too!


  7. firstly your kids are adorable! secondly, i dont think i could love that skirt any more if i tried. its completely amazing! i would pay good money for a skirt like that, your mum has a talent! :)

  8. Love the skirts and berets!

    You have a beautiful family and all are so photogenic!

  9. Aww this is too adorable. Your daughter is already posing quite professionally, haha. I love berets and blue and blue together. -xo

  10. Omg! this has to be the cutest photo shoot ever. Your daughter is a natural model :-)


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