Monday, June 18, 2012

Keep on Shuffling

Today's combo was inspired by the photo in the Anthropologie Fall 2011 Magazine:
 The reason this was inspiring to me was due to the fact that it was using everything I owned in a combination I wouldn't have thought of...

 I didn't wear these heels though with the kids I swapped them for a same tone turquoise beaded flip flops from Turkey...
Striped top, Red denim - Forever 21
Kimono top - Tilly's
Blue heels - Gabriella Rocha (from Zappos)

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We have started our 'Monday Playdate' with my two other friends. Their kids go to pre-school everyday during fall/winter so summers are the time we can do this. This is the same group we have vacationed together and done weekend trips and our husbands hang out as well. Traditionally the summer playdates are supposed to be either pool or beach but summer has not quite arrived in San Diego yet so we kept the kids out of the water today. 
There were definitely great moments to take photos of but we were all too lazy to take them. Our sons play great together and now that our girls are a bit older they totally play house and princess together which is so cute.
The boys were playing Wii dance party and dancing to 'keep on shuffling' and I thought that was a great blog title that describes my life...


  1. İ like your shoes very nice color. Kisses:)

  2. aside from the shoes, i have similar pieces, too! great combination. it's nice that you have play date friends...very good for the kids and adults! we just started hanging out with our somewhat newish neighbor who has a son close to my son's age.

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-Giveaway

  3. Love the blue shoes with red pants and the top looks awesome!!


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