Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday at the Mall

 Here is my birthday outfit with my new hair color and bangs!!!

I immediately fell in love with this skirt when I first spotted at the thrift store 'My Sister's Closet'! Then I put it on and it fit!!! It was faith. This skirt is like a dream. Due to its taffeta texture it always looks and feels voluminous even though it is light and thin. The layers, the edging the tiny gingham print are just all amazing. I guess this is how it feels to wear designer! I have been waiting for my birthday to finally wear it out.

How do you like my new color and blunt bags!? After pouring over images on the Internet and then browsing the fall magazines I decided I wanted to go dark and I really liked the light bangs my wonderful hair stylist gave me last time so decided to commit 100% and go with blunt ones which are totally in coming this fall. She also showed me how to trim so I can keep them up. We then experimented with the tousled look. Loving it... Looks great in a pony tail too and also straight. I like versatility and best of all I so love change!

This corset top is my mom's. The ends kind of curve up and poke from the skirt but didn't have a better option. will come up with some fall styling for this skirt for sure with different tops...


In a rush to get ready and out the door I completely forgot to add any accessories! Oh well...

The floral print Dior purse from years ago... Going all designer today!

Blouse - Bebe
Skirt - Prada
Belt - Mango from Turkey
Purse - Dior
Wedges - from Turkey

One year shy of the big 4-0 I enjoy my last thirty something birthday today!
The morning was spent at home with the kids. My step dad came to relieve me so I can go to my hair appointment. I truly love my stylist. Other than being ridiculously affordable her expertise in color and style and understanding how it would look with my hair texture and skin tone makes me trust her 100%. I come up with fun and different ideas and she makes them happen.
After my hair met my mom in the Mall. Oh it was sooo nice to to browse the non-discount shops. Breath in the nice and organized aura of the shops. I even tried on a pair of new Prada booties (well I am wearing a Prada skirt after all) and Valentino flats. Felt so amazing. I would never shell out the $850+ price tag for each pair but it sure felt nice.
Then the family surprised with a gathering at the food court with gifts and a cake after we all grabbed what we wanted to eat. It was perfect then going to a restaurant where the kids go bonkers and no one remembers what they ate or what they talked about. My step dad was even nice enough to take my crazy kids to two different stores so they can pick their gifts for me.  Cause they didn't like the nice gifts my hubby picked out from them last night! They were so cute.
My mom, cousin and Dad bought me stuff I picked out while we were at the mall which was perfect.
Got the new Marc Jacob's Dot perfume and matching body lotion. Mom and I found this perfect and unique fringed leather belt from BCBG that will tough up silk pleated skirts and dresses.
And of course the day ended with an hour at Forever 21 where my friend joined us too.
Very fun birthday indeed!

My hubby knows how much I love fruit. He got this pie from the same bakery we had our wedding cake made! So romantic....

Such a cute ballerina card from my Mom and Step Dad... And the earrings are what my son picked for b-day present for me!

 The kids refused to give a good pose so here they are in non posing state!

My little nephew has discovered his toes as great chewing toy!

With my Hubby!


  1. Your hair looks great! Very youthful and pretty. Smart choice.

    And the skirt is adorable.

  2. Absolutely love the hair color~No fave! I wondered if you had a good birthday. Yeah!

  3. I love your skirt you look amazing! And I love how personal this post is...happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday (I turn 39 in November!). Love the hair, looks great on you! Oh and what a great find that skirt was, good job, it's beautiful!

  5. Happy bday diva mommy. You don't look even 30, forget being close to 40 :-)

  6. What a great day! Your bday is the same as my hubby's and I made it easy on him and we got married on that day 4 years ago! ;)

    Love the outfit! I think it's one of my favorites and your hair looks amazing!

  7. I totally loved your hair and didn't realize it was new, beautiful! And love the skirt too, so feminine :)


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