Thursday, August 16, 2012

Black Magic

TODAY, I am going to be demonstrating a shaper by 
I was approached by the company to do a post demonstrating how the shapewear works before and after in return for two of their products!

The company believes that moms deserve to always look good!  We may forget ourselves sometimes, but we deserves no less!  With Vedette Shapewear, mommies will feel more fabulous! 

I realize this outfit is not your classic tight dress example you might think of when demonstrating a shaper. But it was a perfect example of when I would want to use one. The sheer top and the low rider leggings show a bit more flab than I would like. 

See Before...
 You can see it is not very flattering to have that bit of tummy (baby) fat flab peeking through the sheer blouse over the legging....

I chose a nude 'Waist Cincher' (model name Renee) that hooks up in front. Coverage starts from under the bust down to the hips. So you stll wear your own undergarments. This would also look super cute worn over a white blouse too for that retro corset look.
It has two lines of hook placement and my mom showed me how to use both. For the tummy area I hooked at the looser line but then as I moved up I switched to the tighter line so it conformed my torso.

 I got this necklace the other night. Reminded me of the delicate and simple kate spade necklaces. It actually had two other chain layers but I just simply wore those to the back and kept it simple.

Surprisingly it felt really good to have my midsection hugged like that. I always feel self conscious and uncomfortable when wearing clothes that compromise my mid area and I feel I constantly have to adjust the clothing and suck in my tummy especially when sitting. But with the shaper I could just relax and have it do all the work.

The only con I would say is it is a bit of a work to put it on and latch all the hooks. And when I took it off I realized I was a bit hug but it is quite hot here.

I love the print on these leggings. I am always afraid leggings usually look like tights on me instead of pants but with a large print like this they make my legs thicker and it works. :)

Next week I will show the other piece from the 'Sensual' line and at that time there will be an amazing GIVEAWAY so you can win a piece of your choice too!
How exciting is that?

Blouse - Anthropologie
Leggings and Necklace - Forever 21
Heels - Steve Madden

We switched our plans a bit this morning and went to a friend's complex pool for a swimming playdate instead. And had potluck lunch by the poolside.
Since I was close I stopped at Ulta to return the hair styler I bought which didn't do much to my hair at all. Definitely not $100 worth.
Then ran couple more errands and headed home.
Afternoon cooked dinner and my mom came over for our Arbonne party.
Have you heard of this brand?
It was quite amazing products. We had so much fun doing a night facial. My daughter joined us too and she was in heaven putting lotions and masks on her face and wiping them with wachclothes dipped in water. That is her favorite stuff. We were cracking up just watching her...

Mother - Daughter Facials...


  1. Love the mother/daughter facial pics! So sweet! :)

  2. Interesting product. I wear Spanx and am always searching for something better. I'll give these a try.

    And those leggings are perfect on you.

  3. Love the leggings! And, your daughter is so precious! That is how my daughter got her love for makeup and is now a very successful makeup artist.

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  11. I've not tried this brand before. I'm absolutely loving the print and think it works well on you with the longer chiffon blouse. Enjoy your weekend Daphne! /Madison

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