Saturday, September 22, 2012

Young Dancers

This was today's outfit. 

Something is happening with my i-photo cause two days in a row now and entire 'event' disappears from my photos. Thank Goodness it keeps a list of uploaded photos and I was able to recover these but not my inspiration photo... Oh well...

I like the simplicity of these thin understated bracelets. The tiger eye stone has an add-on clover charm. The cross has rhinestones over a stretch black.

Striped tank dress (worn as a skirt) - Marshall's
Blush Top - H&M
Coral Belt - Forever 21
Sandals - Asos
Aviator Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson (from Marshall's)
Bracelets - Cookie Lee

Did the usual pre-school with my daughter followed by lunch at home then some finger painting (!)
My parents paid us a surprise visit to take her to the beach for a little bit until I picked up my son.
Then my in-laws arrived and we all went to my son's school's welcome picnic!
It is a such a social stress for my son to be in these situations but thankfully by the end of the night he had hooked up with his friend and was playing and happy.  My daughter on the other hand is opposite of shy taking walks by herself and at the end dancing with all the big girls. Standing on sidelines and watching a huge group of elementary school kids dance (I mean really dance) I felt old and also melancholy that our kids are growing fast and this is just flash forward of how they will be begging to go to parties and dance for hours. When it was time to go and I kept telling my daughter she was tired her response to me was 'I am not tired, I love the music' and ran back to the floor and cont'd dancing.
Oh, we have our work cut out for us.

 This frock was a hand me down from either me, or my cousin or sister. It provides the perfect coverage. Love it.


  1. Your kids are so darn cute. It's interesting to hear about their different personalities.

    Dance is a great activity for kids. I posted today about seeing girls do Irish stepdance yesterday.

  2. Great outfit AND.....your children are absolute cuties, just like their mommy!

  3. These are such cute photos. I love your stripe skirt also and it is a lovely shade of pink to pair it with.

  4. Oh My!! we have some hunting down to do when they become teenagers! I love your striped dress and also the top is soo cute. They grew up so fast and I love the face expressions of my new school boy.


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