Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Striped Days

 This was my outfit today. I will also post my outfit from yesterday down below... I don't have a brown tone animal print top so I decided to go with olive green stripes which matched the shorts pretty nicely.
Got lots of comments on the heels today as I usually wear straight flats to pre-school but these have a high platform so they were not bad at all and I had to park and walk quite far for both my daughter's school and my son's school. Lots of walking today.

Here is the inspiration which is from a 2011 issue of In Style Magazine:

The thing with these shorts is they get wrinkled very very easily!

The new vintage looking ring from my Cookie Lee collection. For sale at only $8!

Here is the set:

New necklace from cookie Lee again. Can you believe my son actually noticed that this was new! Given my collection of jewelry that is quite surprising! He has amazing attention to detail.

Here are how my photos come out sometimes...

Cardigan - Gap
Top, Shorts, Purse - Forever 21
Belt - Alloy
Sandals - Luxury Rebel 
Accessories - Cooke Lee
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Here is my outfit from Yesterday:

The inspiration from a very old photo saved from the One Hundred Inspirations Blog:
and now for the life of me the entire album with that photo has disappeared from my iphoto. Oh well...

Top, Hat - Forever 21
Jeans - thrifted
Shoes - Converses
Necklace - Sepata

Yesterday & Today:
We have been having crazy busy days. I am having a real tough time adjusting to our new schedule which seems to have no down time. I never seem to have enough time for anything. Everyone kept saying it would be easier when one kid starts school but I have to strongly disagree cause it is actually harder. I still have my daughter 24/7 and now on top of our regular schedule we have two mandatory drop off and pick up two times a day and we haven't even started homework schedule yet.  I barely can keep up with housework and kids' activities. Always behind in emails and seem to be able create no time for my work yet. Trying to come up with a solution...

Here are two photos from both kids' first day of school:

My son's Kindergarten class. He is wearing a peach t-shirt

My Daughter in her pre-school class. She is in front with a top strawberry print and black leggings:

Playing puppet theater with her buddies:


  1. Sorry you're so busy. I can hear the frenzy in your voice. Things will settled down in time.

    The good news is: you've got style. Natural style. Your clothing creations seem effortlessly chic.

  2. I love both outfits and the one with orange cardigan is sooo cool and love the pose with Juliet interfering mainly because I know this is happening to you most of the time and I always wondered how you manage to take pictures like you have no kids!!! They are really happy in their classes but you need down time I am sure.Your second outfit is so natural and pretty practical and chic and love the pink tone looks like cotton candy:)

  3. It is hard with 2 kids an their different classes.
    Thats why 2 year old is not rolled no classes yet. I go to work and they go to kindergarten daily, plus son has soccer 2 times a week + preschool on saturday and thats it.

    You look great!

  4. My schedule got way crazier once B started school. I totally understand. I super love those sandals and I'm gonna have to check out Cookie Lee. That earring and ring set is beautiful.


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