Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Casually Slacking

 In the interest of catching up with are going with two outfits in one post from the same inspiration page .
This page is from Sept 2011 issue of People Style Watch. My folders are getting so big and I simply do not have enough days to wear all the outfit ideas I have. So some are getting old like this but they still feel current so here it goes....
You can see below how I mark my inspirations by the way. I take notes next to the photos as to which pieces from my closet resemble the outfit. Then I assign a number and add it to my excel spreadsheet! I know, I know I lost you at 'excel spreadsheet' but that is me! :)

First outfit inspiration was this green pants, blush blazer with burgundy heels combo:

 You can see I modified this a bit. I didn't feel like a button down blouse today so wore this white top my sister left with me (sometimes she leaves clothing at my house without an explanation)!
I also felt too cold to wear purple wedges so wore my bordeaux doc marten style boots instead. I like the contrast it creates with the dressy top. The necklaces were also more interesting. Her outfit seemed a bit plain.

what can I say this eagle necklace is my new favorite. It kind of increases the 'cool' factor in all my outfits! The colors are perfect and it is a pretty heavy and high quality necklace. Sometimes F21 can surprise you. The 2nd necklace was an amazing find from Anthropologie clearence rack for $10.

These boots are more practical than the originals as they have  a side zip so I never fuss with the laces which is somewhat of a requirement for me with the kids.

Jacket, Eagle Necklace, belt - Forever 21
Top - Topshop
Long necklace - Anthropologie
Bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Pants - Bebe
Boots - Target
Sunglasses - House of Harlow


 So I was going to add my more grey pants and white blazer to match this better but I felt cozier with the grey blazer and honestly I didn't care enough to search for the grey slacks in the kids closets and reached for this pair in my closet instead.
Since they were too long I couldn't do white sneakers but added my wedge sneakers instead...

The eagle again. :)

I think everything is pretty much from Forever 21 
except the sneakers are steve madden and 
the tee is from Target...

Went to the outdoor class then had to leave early to pick up my son from school as they have half days all this week. Met a group of kindergarten mommies for a playdate at a park closer to the school. It was so nice getting to know them better and forming relationships. The kids had fun too.

Went to the indoor class then my parents picked up the kids and my hubby and I have our first parent teacher conference for my son. I am then meeting the girls for happy hour!


  1. great inspirations and great outfits! I hope your week is going well!

  2. These looks turned out perfectly!! I love the idea of having an outfit inspiration folder! I just might try it out :)


  3. Love both always do such a great job of recreating with your own twist:)
    Can we just talk about that statement necklace from the first shoot? OMG I would wear it EVERYDAY! Love.

  4. Great outfits dear!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!!!

    The Fashion Heels


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