Monday, November 12, 2012

Lacing it up

Once again I am behind in posts. This happens whenever we have a crazy busy weekends where I don't even log on at night and therefore no photo uploads or posting...
This was my outfit Saturday night to go out for the birthday celebrations of my Hubby and Sister!

The inspiration was from a Chanel Ad in June 2012 issue of Elle Magazine:

I have been wanting to wear these fab all lace pants my mom loaned to me. And this was perfect. 

I am loving this bold leather lizard skin cuff from Stella and Dot! When you have such a quality statement piece I decided to wear it solo! As much as I love Forever 21 for the ability to satisfy and fashion lusts in an affordable way there is something to be said about wearing high quality stuff...

So pretty much every man in my family did not get that these pants were lined with a nude colored lining. They kept asking if I was naked underneath!!??

I need to get my bangs trimmed! 

Jacket & Top - Forever 21
Necklaces & pin - vintage
Lace Pants - Bisou Bisou
Gold platforms - Sam Edelman

The day was crazy starting with my infusion appointment, followed by picking up cupcakes and going to my son's last soccer game then having his trophy and pizza party.
We then went to our friends' house for an impromptu playdate and probably stayed longer than we should cause it was a mad rush coming home and showering the whole family and getting dressed to make it to downtown for a super early 5:15 PM dinner reservation!
The dinner was with the whole family, kids included. Then My mom and step-dad took the kids to their house to spend the night and we stayed out with my sister and brother in law and their friends to go out...

Left to Right: My daughter, mom, me, sister, sister's friend and SIL...

My dark princess mixing stripes and polka dots!
My friend made this tutu for her last Christmas....

Found these tights at H&M. They actually do not have a kids dept at the store we went to but someone must have returned them. They have cats on the toes!
The shoes by the way are Michael Kors (bought from Marshall's!)

With my Man!

When you have kids you can never blow your own candles or open your own gifts!
We actually had to light them up twice cause my daughter started crying that she didn't get to blow them in the first try!

My little ones. My son was so proud of his trophy that he brought it to dinner!

The Family!

Then later at the club:

The group was pushing my poor brother in law who does not drink to do shots! Amazingly after 3 shots of whiskey he woke up just fine! Isn't nice to be young?

I can't say we blended in with the 20 sth year olds but we hung in there!
Fun Night!

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  1. Great look for hubby's birthday! Love your "nude" pants! Stupid men. Mom must ROCK! Hee Hee


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