Sunday, December 9, 2012

Time to Shine

 Wore my Kika jacket that I love so much to a stroll on candy cane lane with the kids and friends....
 Something about red color that no matter how much I focus all the details get erased some how. I used 'sepia' setting to show the details a bit....

Jacket/Coat - 'Khloe' in poppy by kikaPaprika
Beret - Forever 21
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Steve Madden

Posing with my little man:

Well we spent the major part of the day at home. My husband was busy for hours with my cousin and step dad trying to install this gigantic TV he got. As you know by know Electronics don't really excite me. I just like things to stay the same once I get used to them. My husband on the other hand loves to get his hands on everything cutting edge. Hence we have a new TV that is apparently with built in Apple TV and 3D and have this new ipad looking universal remote. This is all yet to work but he is working hard to make it happen.
Us on the other hand were busy making gingerbread cookies (my son has been badgering me to do this for days now) and of course he loved making them but didn't like their taste!
Then I had them paint the giant TV box.
During their painting set-up a folding table in the garage as my gift wrapping station and started wrapping. While doing laundry and cleaning up the house. Then got into this ridiculous organizing zone upstairs with my necklaces and nail polishes. Everything is now color coded. Will do photos tomorrow if I remember!

In the evening we met up with our friends at Krispy Kreme for a pre stroll sugar rush then drove in our 5 SUV/Minivan caravan to the candy cane lane area. The kids were a bit confused between Halloween and this event as they kept walking deep into people's yards and touching all the lights. We got so tired of telling them to stay off grass than just started ignoring them. :)

And I got to dress my daughter in this darling ruffle red coat I bought her from Target... Over the british pants/beret set my friend made for her last birthday!

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  1. Love your Kika coat and Trevor's striped sweater and Juliet's darling ensamble!!! Such fun activities for Holidays and a brand new gigantic TV:) Love to see you all enjoying each other and having fun. Glad to live heear and be able to be part of that fun.


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