Friday, February 8, 2013

When you wish upon a star

 A very quick solo pose at Disney from our all day trip yesterday...
I wore the super cute Rapunzel tee my mom bought me for Christmas over the coated skinny's and studded boots. Had to add a t-neck and a hat since it was quite chilly. Even wore a coat over this by afternoon....

Hat, pants - Forever 21
Tee - Disney
T-neck - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Steve Madden

It was a miracle that we arrived and were at the gate just as they opened the doors. But as usual with our disney trips we go at the pace of the kids not rushing them and not worrying about what we don't see and enjoy what we do. With that pace there are always rides we have never done so it feels different to them each time. The big highlight for my princess was getting her hair, make-up and nails done at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique. They call it princess transformations by fairy god mother's. It was so cute to watch and she was in heaven. We weren't too crazy about the super tight bun but she wanted that style. During that time my hubby actually convinced my son to ride space mountain which was huge cause we would love them to love roller coasters as they qualify for the height requirements. We even did the new cars racer ride which was probably a bit much for my daughter but she hung in there. Then again she is much more of a dare devil than my son. We had such a fun day just the 4 of us.

 She picks the colors of the eye shadows and the nail polish. They are all very pale and tasteful. 

And below she gets fairy dust powder to make all her wishes come true which made me teary eyed watching. :)

Finally found the bow and arrow to go with her 'Merida' from Brave dress...

Happy Birthday to our little Princess!


  1. I love your studded shoes ! Your growing up kids are the lovely !!!

  2. Wow breath taking pictures for me as your mom and Juliet's grnadmother. She is growing very fast!!! Your t-shirt looks so cute over a long sleeve one. Many many more happy birthdays to Juliet and she always will be our princess:)

  3. oh man disneyland is fun and exhausting! we got passes since whenever people visit we end up there and it relieves the stress of having to spend the entire day there! sometimes we go and don't ride any rides. you look so chic! i always end up in jeans and flannels when i'm at dland :)

  4. Your daughter is so lucky! I want a princess transformation. :)


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