Sunday, February 3, 2013


 So sorry I have been MIA lately.... Can you believe, my laptop ran out of storage space! So I couldn't download more photos. I spent a good portion of yesterday in the apple store finding solutions and now I am trying to move bulk of my photos to an external drive to create room. What a hassle...

So, this is what I wore on FRIDAY. I am sooo excited about Kika's spring line. I want to wear so much more kika this season as soon as the pieces I ordered in my size arrive. But these were already in my size on the sample rack so here they are...

 This cute little cropped jacket that looks great on all sizes was named 'Daphne'!!!! So of course I love it. :). This is in the new 'Ocean' color. It can also be custom dyed to 11 other colors...

 This cute untique colored striped top is called 'Pippa'. Made out of slub cotton it is very light and soft.

 I love the peplum detailing on the back...

 Added some fun necklaces to compliment the colors. 

Jacket - 'Daphne' in ocean by kikaPaprika
Top - 'Pippa' in stripe by kikaPaprika
Leggings - black by kikaPaprika
Boots - Madden girl

It was a crazy day of volunteering at my son's school and attending his 'family literacy' day. Then grocery shopping, then getting my little princess ready for her big b-day party at a big bouncy house place... Had to pick up my son early from school to make it there in rush hour traffic.
The place is great for kids but a bit dissatisfying for parents as there is hardly any place to sit and you can't snack or drink until the party moves to the other room. But the kids had a blast plus we had Rapunzel come to the party and the girls were in heaven....

After the short party that ended by 6 PM we had the family over at our house to watch the little princess open her presents and try out each and every one of the dresses she got as a gift on without tiring. I wonder who she gets that from! :)

And now my camera battery died so here are few photos we took with the tripod before heading to the party...


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  2. I love that Daphne jacket and especially because it was named after you as their number one new consultant! I am so proud babe. The new season colors are so cool and I can't wait till I have my party. I love our three generation pictures, we all look very cute together with our faces at the same level. I hope Juliet's little arms will always be hugging us as they get bigger. Love the blue necklace also.


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