Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't you dare close your eyes

 Today's sporty chic was inspired by the recent Bloomingdale's catalog...
They had pages and pages of street style combinations that I were very inspiring...
 I actually say I kind of like my combo better. The charcoal grey '95' on the oatmeal colored sweatshirt pick up the grey tie dye print on the jeans and both have silver glimmer and studs too...

 I was washing the breakfast dishes before this photo didn't realize the water splatter on me was going to show! :)

Of course I couldn't really pull of the high wedges for the park class so I was wearing these fashion sneakers instead....

Sweatshirt, necklace - Forever 21
Jeans - Rock Republic
Sneakers - Steve Madden / bronze wedges - Guess
Purse - Shoedazzle
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Had a nice class at the park today. The lecture was on TV time for kids and all the negative impacts. All the mom's were depressed and feeling guilty as we all admit we tend to rely on TV/ipads/iphones more than we like to admit. The teacher also talked about importance of family dinners and turning all electronics off during that time. When we asked how on earth do we keep kids engaged and sitting at the table she suggested 2 great games to play.... One is you go around the table and every person tells 3 things about their day but only 2 are real and one is fake and the others have to guess which one is the fake one. This was a big hit with my son who actually wanted to go 3 times to come up with funny fake things about his day. Another one is telling what was the best thin and the worst thing about your day. It did get us talking to each other as a group and there was no yelling at them to eat their food or stop interrupting us.
The teacher also advised that the kids should be hungary and that everyone should start eating when all are seated. And to  only expect 15-20 minutes from kids ours age. 

After school had to give my daughter a bath as she was covered in sand mixed with sunblock.
Then my dad came over to babysit her so I can go volunteer at my son's class to help the kids with their art project so the teacher can do her job and teach. Afterwards we ran some errands and came home for a great family dinner....


  1. nice top..
    and lovin' the bag either

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

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  3. Though my daughter gets hardly any tv/ipad time, I still feel bad when she asks and I say no. Those are great games and I'm going to start playing them today. Thanks for sharing.


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