Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'll Chase Them Anywhere

Today's outfit turned out so prim and proper, don't you think!

The inspiration:
 I liked the pops of yellow and coral and use of tweed jacket....

Jacket - Forever 21
Top - Ann Taylor LOFT
Jeans - H&M
Necklace - Etsy, Ring - Park Lane
Purse - Kate Spade
Sandals - J Crew

Had a bit of a crazy day (again!) In the morning I dropped off my son at school than met my friend nearby to pick up her son so I can take both her son and my daughter to school while she attended a private school tour. After school we met her at the mall to run an errand then had lunch together and she took her son back. Then rushed to pick up m son from school. During this whole time my daughter was having major potty issues so I called the nurse/Dr and was told to come in. So again all the plans had to change. Thank goodness my mom was not working so once again she came to rescue by meeting me at the swim school so she can take my son to swim class while I rushed the baby girl to the Dr. It was an exhausting night of taking care of everything let me tell you.... No P90X tonight!

Oh, but as we were waiting to meet my friend she insisted I take her photos....


Love to hear your thoughts...