Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to Paradise

Today's summery combo was inspired by the recent Anthropologie catalog:

I liked the combination of the summer skirt with a laid bag casual sweater (where I used a cardigan) and the addition of scarf felt so chic and global...

 This kikaPaprika dress can be worn so many ways. To give it that more midi length feel I folded the top to flare right under the bust. 
I also loved how the blue/aqua/white scarf just popped on top of the tangerine dress and made me feel s much more comfortable wearing a strapless dress even when I took off the cardigan. 

Cardigan - Ruche
Dress - 'portia' in tangerine by kikaPaprika
Scarf - kikaPaprika
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Purse - Thread Show
Earrings - Target

Had a bit of a stressful morning cause I thought the kids acting classes were starting today so made all sorts of plans to accommodate that then realized when I got there they were starting next week. so had to call my poor step dad to tell him he doesn't have to come there and then had to drive my daughter to where my husband was with my son at his baseball game. During all this of course she is crying because the plans have changed and I am frantically looking up directions and making calls. Once I dropped off her though I took a deep breath and realized I actually had 45 minutes not 15 to buy the bagels and coffee and make it my friend's baby shower which we hosted at a nail salon up north.
It was such a great idea. Everyone got to mingle and have mimosas and eat breakfast while getting their pedi's and mani's. Most of the guests were buys mom's so this little get away where we can pamper ourselves while being congratulating our friend on her third baby was perfect.

Afterwards I met the family who were spending a great time at our friends' athletic club/resort family day. Well, tomorrow the fun times will continue I am sure....


Love to hear your thoughts...