Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Juicy Brights

Seem to be on an orange streak lately and bright colors. May be an attempt to bring spring that seems to make sneak peek's here in San Diego but refuses to come fully. 

Today's bright combo was inspired by Anthropologie catalog:

 Love the peplum back of my namesake 'Daphne' jacket....

Jacket - 'daphne' in tangerine by kikaPaprika
Floral top - Anthropologie
Jeans - Forever 21
Sandals, bracelet - J Crew

Preschool this morning and then got a bit too aggressive with things I wanted to fit in before picking up son like, post office, dry cleaners, grocery store and getting gas and sure enough we barely made it by class start time to his first hip hop class. Thank goodness my mom had to come to watch so she took him up as I looked for parking for 10 minutes!
In the end I was so pleased to see that he loves the class like I thought he would. He was smiling the whole time and the small class size of just 4 boys all his age and with a cool male instructor I think he might totally get into this.


Love to hear your thoughts...