Thursday, May 30, 2013

Get In Line

 How do you like my get-up for an outing to country line dancing last night!?
It was a last minute plan to meet up with 4 other pre-school mommies and go out to our one and only country bar on a college night of all nights to dance! You can't beat the $2.50 drinks though!

I don't own cowboy boots (shocking I know!) so I decided to go with these tall boots cause they have just the right amount of heel that made dancing easy...

Blouse, Jeans - H&M
Boots - Pour La Victoria
Hat - NEXT
Purse - Thread Show
Necklace & gold cuff - Forever 21
Bracelets - Bauble Bar 

Majority of the day I was wearing my workout clothes because I had to fit in my insanity workout mid day since I was going out at night. If I already have the clothes on it is easy to fit in the workout then I shower and dress for the occasion. Of course at pre-school though I got at least 2 comments on my unusually 'sporty' outfit.
After pre-school and picking up my son I wasted no time working out, eating lunch and cooking dinner. Than took the kids to their swim class. I dried and styled my hair in the bathroom during their swim class to save time. When we got home I put make-up on and actually had time to eat dinner with the family since I had cooked already before going out.  Met the girls at the bar early so we can participate in the free line dancing lesson. Boy, I wasn't sure if I should have worked out cause the whole night was a workout in itself. So many switch kicks and turns and jumping. I also had way too much clothing on for such activity and was burning up. Next time we know to wear short shorts!
It was college night so we were surrounded by 20 year olds and somehow the only ones that didn't know the dances. I don't know where they learn all the dances in San Diego but they all did and were so good at it. We didn't care though we still tried our best and had a blast.


  1. I love love love your outfit ! You know cowboy outfits are my favorite and I have plenty boots including a black and red one you could have borrowed!! I actually have a new one for my Christmas list! Love the necklace with it and the purse ı can borrow:) All the mommies look wonderful. If I knew and I was not sick I would have come.

  2. super cute and red HOT!!! adorable outfit for a western bar!

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