Saturday, June 1, 2013

Queen Bee

 Last night's outfit for my dear mom's 60th birthday party at our house....

This dress was an amazing spur of the moment find at Anthropologie. On clearance from $200+ down to $50 one on the rack and happened to be my size. It must have been a return cause it was amazing to be still there. I bought it the night I was out with the girls for a birthday dinner a few months ago. It is just the prettiest dress ever.... The flowers are velvet and have 3D effect. so much tulle under the skirt which makes it all puffy. Totally me....

Dress - Anthropologie
Earrings - Cookie Lee
Shoes - Aldo

After a day of rushing to pre-school than to couple stores we came home and I even managed to fit in my insanity workout out before showering and picking up my son. Than had to bath both kids and get them ready then get myself ready. Enforcements which were family and my best friend arrived early to help with food set-up. We were done early and even ate dinner ourselves before the guests started showing up.
My mom looked gorgeous on her exact 60th birthday! Surrounded by friends and family she was a happy camper.

Mom and my step dad with the kids....

Mom and my lil sis

The Family (the kids would not get in the photo...)

With my best friend...

With hubby....

With my girls...



  1. Just discovered your blog! Its great!! Love it!

    Just followed you!
    Mind checking out mine too :)

  2. I love your dress it is very pretty with a beautiful material and print. Love the shoes with it. I love your makeup and hair color now and love love love the picture on the stairs with your hands under your chin:)
    Thank you so much for my fabulous birthday party ever! Surrounded with my beautiful family grandchildren and my very close friends I truly was very happy. 60 is only a number and if you think you are wiser than ever it actually is a very good age to be. Especially if you are blessed with a loving family and happy in your life like me.

  3. love the dress!! anthropologie has the best prints. your hair looks great, too! noticed that your friend cut her hair, too!

    happy bday to your mom...she looks amazing!

    Win a Pretty Blue Satchel!

  4. Beautiful dress. You look so happy wearing it. Anthropologie has become my favorite new store. I haunt their sale-rack all the time now.

  5. I love the dress and shoes! Looks like a fun party. :)


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