Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Preppy in Pastels

 It is nice to be back to my routine. The weekend was fun but today was nice to go back to eating healthy drinking lots of water and tonight working out... 

Today's combo was inspired by the Tommy Hillfiger Ad from last year I think....
 I liked these mixtures of pastels and patterns of stripes and plaids all together...

Jacket - TJ Maxx
Scarf, hat, shirt, belt - Forever 21
Shorts - not sure from where... I haven't worn it in ages...
Sneakers - Rocket Dog

Went to the outdoor class. The weather was super chilly at first but thank goodness warmed up after couple hours. Good thing I had all these layers on at first. At home took inventory of supplies for all the upcoming parties I am hosting in the next couple of weeks and hit the grocery store, than ordering cupcakes and buying gift wrap.
After picking up my son we came home and all of us crashed. My daughter and I took a nap while my son played with puzzles quietly in his room. I think we were all coming down from a fun but tiring weekend! :)
This week is 'recovery week' in my insanity program. Everyday will be doing the same 'core cardio and balance' DVD and it is nice and short and not too brutal. Still you sweat like crazy but you don't feel like throwing up. I am looking forward to see what second segment of this program will bring. Supposed to be really hard and per program supposed to increase our calorie intake too.  That is always nice. :)

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  1. You can pull off anything and look so cute! I would not like to see me in that outfit. I would probably look like a stuffed sausage :) I love your determination on the Insanity program. I'm doing low carbs and it is really taking will power. Good Luck to you!


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