Friday, November 22, 2013

All is perfect let me be lost

 Today's combo for another chilly and drizzly day was inspired by this combo from 'Who What Wear' website which always has great inspirations:
 I actually was going to add my blue hat but it was too floppy and a bit big so I didn't want to mess with it all day. I have to say among all my hats the ones that fit the best and hold their shape happen to be from Forever 21. This bordeaux one is from Lucky and it too flaps time to time.

 Snapped these photos up really quickly before leaving the house as we were running late with no room to spare and I knew if I didn't take the photos I never would have time later...
Hat - Lucky
Blazer - H&M
Blouse - Zara
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Target
Scarf - TJ Maxx

My hubby took my daughter to my mom's so she can take her to pre-school class for their thanksgiving potluck and craft. I took my son to school and filled out forms and took him and his 2 friends to the theater for their class field trip. It is funny how you feel so much more responsible when you are in charge of other people's children. They were all good boys though. Just silly and gross like most boys laughing at things that are not funny to us but funny to them through out our drive.
The play was great but quite long. I am always amazed at the talent the young performers ages 8 to 18 possess at these shows.
Afterwards we had to drive them back to school but the teacher let us take out our kid early which was nice. So took him to lunch and he wanted to sit on my lap and hug which just melts my heart.
Afterwards dropped him off at my mom's too and did a little bit Christmas shopping and some returns before battling rush hour traffic to take them to my daughter's ballet rehearsal.
Then back at home we ordered pizza and with pure delight watched David Blaine's magic show. The kids are so into it.

 Just look at this guy. He is so precious. I love how close we are and pray he never grows apart.

He has been obsessing with this school program he has been working on to get to the gold level. The system allows you to complete a segment when you get 80% right which results in a bronze certificate when you finish all 50 levels. But he wanted to get to 'gold' so bad he has been working on it for weeks. If he misses one question of one segment he has to do that segment all over again and they questions change each time. He finally got it done today and woke me up with the certificate in my face!

Here are the boys I drove:
 I guess you can tell he is dresses by a mom who likes to overdress herself! But to be fair the teacher sent a note to every parent specifically asking us to dress our kids appropriately for 'theater'.  Very few followed her advice….

Oh, I was desperately searching the stores for the ultimate combination of deep purple shades for another family photo shoot this time with my dad and my brother's family who are coming mid December. 
Here are the tops I gathered for our family:
My blouse is 8-9 years old. It was actually the first outfit ever I wore when I started putting photos in my blog years ago! And I just got the tie for my husband. The kids outfits I had purchased couple months ago…

And for my brother's family:
 My dad will have a nice dress shirt with black on black design to bridge these two groups together.
Lets see how it all turns out….

Here was the family photo shoot with my mom's side and sister:

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