Thursday, November 21, 2013

Puddle Jumpers

Today's outfit was inspired by a look from shopbop's website:

This was a cozy combo of mixing plaid patterns and socks with loafers...

When I realized how wet it was outside I decided to swap the loafers for my black and white rain boots before leaving the house...

Trench Coat - Guess
Shirt, Rain boots - Target
Scarf, Jeans - Forever 21
Loafers - Via Spaga

Our morning started with Ballet class during which I spent my time following up for identity theft issues. Then we went straight to the DMV which was close-by so I can in person report fraudulent use of my driver's license info which in return all they gave me was another website to report it on. What was a waste of time. But at the same time the detective assigned to my case called and we spoke at length so I feel better about that.
Then we went to the library to drop off books and check out new ones. Which is when I last remember seeing/using my wallet. I am in shock and terror to announce that now my wallet is missing!!!!
I don't know if I can take the burden of replacing everything in it. I am just soooo hoping the library has it when I call them in the morning.
After there we got in the car and picked up my son then came home.
For once we decided to stay home and take it easy. Although I always forget how staying home is never 'easy'. There as playing in the rain (getting soaked) for a while.
Followed by a warm soup lunch. Then making paper airplanes with my son from his new star wars airplane book.
Then conducting a glow in the dark dance party with my daughter where she acted as the DJ (all her idea). She asked us to follow 2 rules: 1. dress fancy, 2. bring something that glows in the dark.
So I dressed my son in a blazer, fedora and a tie and we found two glow int he dark sticks we didn't use on halloween. She was in heaven. She controlled the music and had us freeze dance.
After that I had to get on my paperwork and which is when I discovered my missing wallet and practically freaked out!

This could be a campbell's commercial!

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