Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As the leaves turn

Today's outfit was inspired by an inspiration photo in the shoedazzle website….
 I needed a cozy outfit that is in layers for another crazy day and this was perfect….

 The thick knit infiniti scarf is a bit hard to wear but definitely looks cool with all that bulk. And warm.

 I invested the repair money in these boots last winter and got the heels re-furbished and the whole boot polished and look how they look brand-new even after 15 years of very frequent wear!

 Scarf, Cardigan, Jeans, Necklace - Forever 21
T-shirt - kika Paprika
Bracelet - Ann Taylor LOFT
Boots - Via Spaga

Dropped off my daughter at my mom's and went to my Dr. appointment. My son's school had a picnic today for their grade unfortunately he still had after school chess so if didn't go I would have a solid couple hours but when I mentioned I might not come he said 'please mommy really try to come' and I knew I had to go. So I did. He never stopped hugging me which was so sweet. They had an interesting assortment of foods. Lots of mashed potatoes hardly any Turkey but kids didn't care.

 The school has an area that is so unlike San Diego and has this total real fall vibe. It was perfect….

Then a few of the boys started to play tag and were having so much fun...

After this picnic he went to Chess and I had a little bit of a time. My phone battery was dead so I ended up driving home and then went back to pick him up. Took him to the park but none of his friends were there so played ball with him in heels! And managed to place more phone calls following up on the never ending identity theft situation.
Then it was to get some snack and run to his swim practice. My parents meet us there so they can bring my daughter and watch him swim. He works so hard it is such a joy to watch.
We came home and they continued playing while I cooked dinner and my dad and cousin came over to hang out and have dinner with us. I guess if we you compare today to Monday and Tuesday it was better.

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