Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Story of my life

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by this Chictopia post:

I thought this looked so similar to my jacket and mixing with red shoes was a great idea. I had to stay realistic with a lower heeled booties though...

Jacket, Jeans - Forever 21
Top - kika Paprika
Booties, Purse - Shoedazzle
Bangle - Baublebar

This week has been brutal and we are just starting it. Today was another 'no room to breathe' kind of schedule day. We had to skip our outdoor class once again as we had a Dr appt for my daughter. The office is right next to children's hospital which has a huge McDonalds with at fun statue garden play area etc… So she insisted on food and we had to sit for a while so all that took longer than I expected. Then we stopped at home for 10 minutes to clean-up etc then went to pick up my son (half day again) and parked this time so we can all go to his school book fair and they picked out 2 books each. Then we stopped at home again just in time for me to get my lunch then it was to my Dr appt attempt #2 but this time they saw me right away and we were out of there pretty quickly. Back to my son's school to meet my husband there so he can entertain the kids while I had a Parent Teacher Conference with the teacher. It was all good. He is advanced in reading and extremely advanced in Math and reasoning skills. He is super fast at everything. Areas he is just proficient and could work on are writing (he is so sloppy) and re-tell, which is the ability to summarize what he has read. She also told me he did his presentation without using his paper and was amazing at it. I was so proud.
After that we came home. Showered the kids and put cozy clothes on and went to my friend's house for a quick dinner and a chance for us to catch-up and give her son's b-day gift etc…
I was supposed to work out but I just didn't have it in me last night and now feel so blah for not sticking with it.


  1. This is a super cute outfit. Yes of course I love your red booties and they are fun with the stylish bag. I like the classic outfit worn in a casual and cool way. You look great!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. I love your booties and bag. They look great with your outfit. It sounds like you had a very busy day! Have a lovely weekend :-)


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