Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby it’s the Truth

Today's simple yet cute combo was inspired by Kristy from Monochroma.chic blog:
 So simple yet the brown belt over black pants and the pop of yellow was so cute….

Jacket - Victoria's Secret
Tee - stylemint
Jeans - Closet
Belt - Limited
Flats - Paola

We had to skip on school today as we just got back from our trip to find out our fridge door was left ajar so everything in it went bad. Plus unpacking and laundry it was hectic.
My son had his play date with his buddy this time at our house. It was short but they were both so excited.

OH, and I found out someone stole my identity and have opened a line of credit for $9000 to buy furniture and who knows what else. Spent an hour on the phone with the bank to cancel the line of credit, the police to start a case and with the credit bureau put a fraud alert. What a mess.  I hope they are caught very soon as there were cameras where they shopped and they gave a deliver address for the furniture they ordered. The lady felt something was wrong and found our land line through a directory and that is how I was notified. I can't take her enough for going the extra mile.


  1. I liked the shades in the jeans that you are sporting.

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  2. Love the cardigan, jeans, and flats!!

  3. love the casual comfy look. that yellow cardi is so cute with the tee and ballet flats!

  4. Wow, it's been a while the last time I visited your blog... I like the short hair. Gray and yellow make a perfect combo.

  5. great inspirations and great adaptation! love the yellow!


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