Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tough Girl

 This was yesterday's outfit. Inspired by this Chictopia post 
from can you beleive it July of 2011!: 

I actually had a similar different toned kimono top but the style just didn't go. It was the same length as the vest and too boxy. This long and more slim cut one definitely worked better. Just stayed in the totally black and white color combo.

T-shirt, Shorts - TJ Maxx
Chifon cardi - Romwe
Vest - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - Thread Show
Necklaces - vintage
Bracelets - Cookie Lee, Bauble bar….

Finally made it to preschool after missing a few days. Still dealing with identity theft situation talking to more creditors and closing out cards they have opened. THe classic, Electronics, jewelry etc….
Here is the kicker. I got a 'Thank You' card from the sales associate at Zales today saying how happy she was to help me and my fiancé find the perfect timeless pieces!!!!
I can't wait to call them tomorrow to let them know. I already had Citi close that card and removed from my record. I am not sure who is out of the money in these situations. I assume Zales is going to be the one.
I had to run crazy errands for my mom related to her tenant so she can pay her rent then went to pick up my son and after frozen yogurt we went to my son's swim class. There was a big water polo game starting so our section got invaded by about 20 high school boys which my daughter was super scared from. After his lesson we killed time until the swim team try outs and HE GOT IN! We are all so excited. Of course my excitement might die after 3 days a week of practices but we shall see….


  1. So fun! Glad to see another side of you. Wanna hop on my motorcycle?!


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