Monday, November 4, 2013

Heat Burst

Today's combo was inspired by a very old saved photo from Newport News catalog I believe….

Shirt - Mango (from Turkey)
Tee - kika Paprika
Pants, Belt - Forever 21
Necklace - from Turkey
Sneakers - Superga

It was awesome to have an extra hour to sleep this morning with the time change.
Plus my husband did not have a morning match so he took the kids to the pool while I packed and took it easy. We had an early lunch with last night's left overs before checking out of the resort and heading to the tennis center for his last match of the tournament.
They played a contender team from Irvine for the 2nd position in their skill level. The kids were very hard to entertain and keep quiet during the match. Their interest in watching daddy lasted just about 5 minutes out of the 2.5 hour match so it was quite tough. Plus they have to be absolutely quiet during the entire time so that makes it even harder. The final match we broke out the ipads as last resort.
And my husband and his team WON!
We celebrated with some ice cream to cool off from the scorching dry heat then got on the road for our 3 hour ride back home with a stop for dinner….

And here are the kids self entertaining with boxes from the trash then with Ipads:

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