Monday, November 25, 2013

Garden Variety

Today's inspiration was from the Anthropologie magazine that just came in the mail this week!

 I loved this super cozy and casual combo but with the addition of scarf looked chic….

Leather Jacket - from Costco
Henley Top - Target
Scarf - Forever 21
Jeggings - Guess
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Earrings, Bracelets - Cookie Lee

First day of thanksgiving break for the kids so we celebrated it by going on a play date with our non school mommy group friends. Then went to lunch nearby the playground and finally got to use our 'free messy sundae' coupon from summer reading program…

Then one of my friends had to run to a Dr appt the other had costco shopping so I kept her kids at my house while she shopped. We then had snacks and went to my son's swim team practice. Took the camera today to take some photos of the facility and him swimming although taking swimming photos are pretty hard…

The olympic size pool has so many lanes for team practices plus the end is used by the water polo team to practice. 
 Coaches stand on the side and yell out drills and when the kids finish the 50 yard drill they give feedback/corrections and send them off to the next drill. This goes on for 30 minutes for our group. They probably swim over 400 yards each practice. You loose count after a while….

And here is how we sit freezing our butts off. She insisted in coming in her 'brave' costume and went to the top bleacher so she can eat the whole package of seaweed without sharing with me!

He knew I was taking photos so smiled!

 And a very crowded Jacuzzi afterwards to warm up. Those very adult looking people are actually high school seniors! 

After we came back I continued packing this time the kitchen stuff I will need there to cook my side dishes and a huge bags of snacks for the kids. THen changed and went to dinner with my Dad and cousin which will be a post tomorrow! :)

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