Monday, November 25, 2013

On the Wedge

Today's combo came together really nicely. It was inspired by this Chictopia post:
I wish my jacket was a bit longer but I love the look especially with the bright red heels. And I chose my comfy wedges so they were a breeze to walk in despite the height…

Jacket - Vintage (thrifted)
Blouse - Bebe
Coated Jeans - Forever 21
Wedges - From Turkey
Purse - DKNY
Necklace - Cookie Lee

We went to Turkish School this morning then I contemplated going shopping but thought better of it and came home so I can prepare for our trip instead. Good thing I did cause there was so much todo. I have advanced shopped for Christmas gifts for the family we are going to see at Thanksgiving so that we can give it to them than and avoid shipping costs. So I had to wrap those. Then packed all sorts of board games and toys and sand toys for the kids. And even packed the kids luggage completely. Paid the bills, cleaned the kitchen and even got out the outfits I am considering taking but I need to test drive them to make sure the combo's work. But feel good about all the work that is done.
Then at night we met the family for dinner to celebrate my sisters's b-day this time with my parents.

It was a tapas place and my son probably the only 6 year old who would order clams in a shell, prosciutto bruschetta. And ate half of my marinated octopus Salad plus 2 rolls of bread. The kid can eat. My daughter on the other hand ate nothing but the rolls! :)
We then came to our house for cake and a show performed by my daughter…


  1. your look is really cool! really like the plumps as well!
    SachĂȘ e Bombom

  2. I love the jacket paired with those shoes! :)


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